End of month 3 measurements

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Previous measurements are as follows:
S = start
1 = End of Month 1
2 = End of Month 2
3 = End of Month 3

Weight - (S) 223 (1) 220 (2) 215 (3) 215...same, I think
Neck - (S) 13.25" (1) 13" (2) 12.75" (3) 12.75"- same
Bellybutton - (S) 45.75" (1) 44.0" (2) 43" (3) 42" - Lost another 1"
3" below hips - (S) 52.75" (1) 51.5" (2) 49.5" (3) 47.5"- Lost another 2"
R Thigh 6" above knee - (S) 25.5" (1) 23.5" (2) 23.25 (3) 23"- Lost another .25"
L Thigh 6" above knee - (S) 25.5" (1) 23.5" (2) 23.25 (3) 23" - Lost another .25"

So, to recap, in 12 weeks, I have had the following results:

Pounds lost - 8
Inches lost - 14.5"

In my waist ALONE, I have lost 5.25", which is odd because I'm still in the same clothes. In my belly I have lost 3.75". I hope to be in a smaller size by the time I go to see Mom in March!

I will take another picture & post it...that is IF there is a difference from last months!

Day 35...week 12

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So, Monday was pretty rainy...and cold. I felt the beginnings of a cold coming on and thought I'd be better off NOT tempting fate by playing in the rain for 90 minutes. Needless to say, I skipped boot camp, but felt terrible about it all night...and wondered how many ladies were there.

Last night was cold & wet, but at the time of boot camp, not raining, so I decided to brave the weather. I learned that quite a few ladies went the night before, however not so many faced the rain again. Last night there were only 4 ladies...including me. Small class, but effective none the less.

Walk/run (which is a lot more difficult in 40° cold & humid weather). It had now started to rain, and varied from a light sprinkle to a decent rain...luckily no downpour. Finish warming up with2 sets of 10 - 3 count JJ, 1/2 JJ & fast feet (1..2..3 "1" 1..2..3 "2" 1..2..3 "3")

We did a modified core to the bone, as we were limited with non-ground contact exercises. We did 6 minutes of 1 cardio, then 1 minute of 4 core exercises. The night went as follows:

6 minutes lunges
1 min angel arms
1 min side to side crunch
1 min angel arms
1 min side to side crunch

6 minutes Sumo Walk
1 min angel arms
1 min side to side crunch
1 min angel arms
1 min side to side crunch

6 minutes backwards lunges
1 min angel arms
1 min side to side crunch
1 min angel arms
1 min side to side crunch

6 minutes Frankenstein walks
1 min angel arms
1 min side to side crunch
1 min angel arms
1 min side to side crunch

Butts & abs were also heavily modified since we couldn't lay on the ground:

Holding onto a light post...3 minutes standing leg lifts, each side
Holding onto a light post...3 minutes standing leg swings, side to side, each side
6 mins Standing bicycle crunch

Hmmm.....my legs are PRETTY sore today...thanks Tracey!

Day 33...end of week 11

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As you may (or may not) notice, I missed day 32. Coleton had his Christmas concert...

As the girls began to appear for the night, I asked them what routine I missed. Their reply? "OWW." "Oww?" I said. "Yes. Oww."

Guess it was a good night to miss. Any routine named OWW must be painful. Thank you Coleton.

Last night's routine was called, "Burn it off...Boot Camp style." I guess the name is opposed to burn it off...camp fire style? he he he....

It was a new kind of routine...not really cycles...not really any one type of template to follow, so it's a little hard to remember the order that we did things. It went something like this:

2 minutes fast feet
2 minutes burpies
2 minutes JJ
2 minutes skipping


1 minute fast feet
1 minute Burpies
1 minute JJ
1 minute skipping


2 laps speed walking
6 "football field lengths" of walk to 50 yard line, sprint to TD line

2 mins 8 count burpies
1 min jump turns
2 mins leg lifts
2 mins mountain climbers
1 min sit ups
1 min scissor kicks

I'm sure that we did more...but I really can't remember them.

Butts & Abs:

fire hydrants
leg pulse
one legged leg lifts
overhear toe touches
1/2 sit ups with 1 leg off the ground
moving leg criss cross things

You know, I looked at pictures from last year at Heather's bridal shower...and I look the same. I'm starting to feel like I will NEVER be thin...I will NEVER lose this weight.

I am getting SO frustrated........but I know I never WILL get there if I don't maintain my exercise and continue eating right...at the very least, I won't get any bigger.......

Day 31...week 11

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There are only 2 weeks until my initial 12 week course is up...and I can't believe it.

I am a little upset with the lack of progress I've seen, but maybe (hopefully) it's just that I'm not seeing it. I really need to work harder.

Last night's routine was "Run like the Wind"

It was basically a night of cardio...run 2 laps then do a certain amount of 1 exercise. Paige went with me, and did OK, but her attitude began to resurface towards the end of the night.

The exercises we did in between laps were:

100 JJ
40 burpies
50 lunges
40 dips
60 good mornings/side

It was a fast paced and exhausting night...so I'm starting to wonder why my fat butt isn't disappearing more quickly.

I'm starting to get a little discouraged.

Day 30...end of week 10

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Let me first begin by saying last night sucked for me, personally. I despised the routine we did, mostly because it kicked my butt, but also I think because of my not-so-high spirit wouldn't allow me to enjoy the exercise. My mood was miserable.

Jen trained us last night. I arrived as Jen was placing empty coffee cans throughout the parking lot as "cones." She told us that we were going to do an obstacle course she created from one of Tracey's workouts.

After we walked/ran, we finished warming up with JJ/PU. I was first to finish (gratitude page), and it felt AWESOME! You'd think that little motivational accomplishment would have been enough to get me through the night, but you'd be wrong. I started the obstacle course with a positive attitude...really I did...but by the 3rd time around, my attitude left something to be desired. I was in pain, completely exhausted, Jen came over to push me harder and I nearly lashed out at her! I sometimes get so angry when I'm being pushed harder than I'm already working because I feel like they (trainers) don't know what pain I'm feeling and pushing through at that moment. Last night I was dealing with the excruciating pain from lack of skin on my heels AND sever shin splints. I just wanted to stop & go home...more than once throughout the night.

The obstacle was like this:

There were 6 people last night, 3 teams of 2 (Coleton was on my team). One team would start the obstacle at a time while the other 2 did knee taps until Jen told them to start.

Going clockwise, starting at the green dot (Start point)
20 JJ, run to next "cone"
hop to next cone
run to next cone
10 side to side hurdle jumps, run to next "cone"
side jump back & forth over jump rope, lunges to next cone
20 dips
run back to start
knee taps until team behind you got to start

I would estimate that we did this obstacle course 7 times. I was SICK of it. I hated it. This was probably my least favorite routine.

But we weren't done yet.

Next, we went over into the cold, wet muddy grass & had to do the bear crawl. By this time, I was so tired. The bear crawl literally takes so much energy. It's when you walk on your hands & feet. Not easy for a 200 pound mama. I am not a bear. As soon as Jen said that what we had to do, my anger level raised another level. Oh, and to make it even more FUN...it was a race. Everyone had finished while I still had 1/2 way to go. I didn't think I could make it the rest of the way, but even though I was pissed off, tired, and cold, I won't ever let myself give up (not that I could if I wanted to). Everyone was encouraging me, but I literally wanted to cry. When I got to the other side, everyone clapped for me, and I was proud...but still tired. I was breathing so hard...I really pushed myself to a new limit.

Then Jen told us to finish up with an Indian run. Now, I really did want to cry. I got in line, and started to run with the girls when I suddenly felt strange. I was breathing so hard, but I couldn't get a deep breath. I felt my throat closing, and I couldn't breath...it felt like my airway had closed to the size of a straw and I really started freaking out. I have NEVER felt my throat close before. I dropped out of line & started walking to Jen & tried to tell her that I couldn't breathe, and by this time I was crying, trying to breathe and hyperventilating. I have NO idea what happened, but it was very scary. Jen was very calm & told me to put my arms over my head and try to calm down. After a few minutes, I could breathe again and I took a walk around the parking lot while the other girls ran. I don't know if I had a panic attack or what, but all I know is that I have NEVER been that scared before. Maybe me pushing myself so hard that night was the straw that broke the camel's back. Maybe all of the stress & stuff I've been dealing with this week finally caved in and it was my body's way of telling me to literally take a breath and slow down. It has been such a bad week, and I am so glad that today is Friday. I'm glad that what ever it was passed and I'm OK.

Of course we finished with butts & abs:
Fire hydrants
2 mins Bird Dog
1 min Plank
overhead toe touches
scissor kicks
alphabet (draw A B C's in the air with legs)

For homework we had to add something to our gratitude journal. I said that I was grateful this week was over and that I made it though.

I need a vacation.

Week 10...Day 29

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What a tiring night! It's great to be back, but I think my body is trying to boycott the resumption of working out. It's definately aching today.

After our walk/run, we finished warming up with Tracey count (1 2 3 ONE 1 2 3 TWO...to TEN) jumping jack, 1/s JJ & mountain climbers. We did them each twice.

The night's routine was called "Double or Nothing."

It was done by using the cards that Tracey has...and as soon as I saw them I moaned. The rules of the game were that there were 5 colors of cards. Each person took turns guessing the color on the card. If they guessed right, there was a 20 second break and that card was skipped. If they were wrong, we had to do that exercise for 2 minutes rather than 1. There were 8 ladies last night & we each got 3 turns. We did a lot of exercises (there were only 4 skips), but I'll do my best to remember what they were:

bear crawl
snow angels
walk it outs
reverse snow angels
arm rotations
star jumpers
narrow push ups
the lizard
mountain climbers
good mornings
fast feet
hopping up
hopping on 1 foot

For butts & abs we did:
fire hydrants
sprinter (1 min per side)
over head toe touches
bike crunch
reverse bike crunch
leg climbers

I am sore...and exhausted...today, and am NOT ashamed to say that I am THANKFUL for the day off. However, don't think that I'll be catching up on any shows...we're finishing the waterfall tonight!

On another note...Paige was very positive and motivated last night...which was a COMPLETE 180° from the night before. She was driving me crazy, but hopefully my inspiration chat with her helped her realize that all things worth while usually come with HARD WORK and determination.

I'm back..

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Holy cow! I haven't posted in what seems like FOREVER!

We went to the mall on black Friday (yes, we're crazy) and while we were there I bought a new pair of shoes. I wore them in the mall (*HUGE* mistake) and by the time we got back to the car my heels were so damaged that today I still have bloody scabs. YIKES! Putting sneakers on was so painful that I seriously contemplated missing this week, but I really didn't want to do that. I worked through the pain, but when I got home my socks were stuck to my sores. I had to wet them to get the off!

Back on track, and I have a minute to catch up.

So, over the holiday, Jen was kind enough to offer us campees a free week of camp. Unfortunately, since I was up to my elbows in rock on Monday, I only attended Tuesday's work out. It was one based on circuits...3 exercises 3 mins each of a certain body section...core, arms, legs... It was a nice work out. I had planned on attending Thursday morning as well, however I was still baking pies & beans until noon, so I missed the 8:00 meet time.

Yesterday was the start of week 10...day 28. Boy, does it feel good to get back on track.

The night's routine was called "Nothin' but Net". Usually this routine is done on a tennis court, but since we're in a parking lot, parking lines serve as the net for all intents & purposes.

For 3 (or 6) mins we did an exercise to & from the net. That exercise was followed by 2 mins of 2 additional exercises. It was a high paced cardio night, which suited well after a holiday meant for eating! Tracey would intermittently shout "NET" during our 3 min drills, which meant that we had to reverse the direction we were going. For example, if we were running forward, when she yelled net, we had to run backwards. I personally think she was having a little too much fun with the "NET" command...sometimes we couldn't even get in a single step before she had us reversing directions again!

1st set:

3 mins: Run to the net (forward & backward)
2 mins upper good mornings
2 mins side crunch

3 mins front & backward skipping to the net
2 mins angel wings
2 mins squat jumps

6 mins front & backward lunges to the net
2 mins upper good mornings
2 mins side crunch

6 mins 5 burpies, run to net, 20 JJ, run back
2 mins upper good mornings
2 mins side crunch

It was tiring, but much needed. I have a lot to add about Paige, but no time...


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