Day 30...end of week 10

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Let me first begin by saying last night sucked for me, personally. I despised the routine we did, mostly because it kicked my butt, but also I think because of my not-so-high spirit wouldn't allow me to enjoy the exercise. My mood was miserable.

Jen trained us last night. I arrived as Jen was placing empty coffee cans throughout the parking lot as "cones." She told us that we were going to do an obstacle course she created from one of Tracey's workouts.

After we walked/ran, we finished warming up with JJ/PU. I was first to finish (gratitude page), and it felt AWESOME! You'd think that little motivational accomplishment would have been enough to get me through the night, but you'd be wrong. I started the obstacle course with a positive attitude...really I did...but by the 3rd time around, my attitude left something to be desired. I was in pain, completely exhausted, Jen came over to push me harder and I nearly lashed out at her! I sometimes get so angry when I'm being pushed harder than I'm already working because I feel like they (trainers) don't know what pain I'm feeling and pushing through at that moment. Last night I was dealing with the excruciating pain from lack of skin on my heels AND sever shin splints. I just wanted to stop & go home...more than once throughout the night.

The obstacle was like this:

There were 6 people last night, 3 teams of 2 (Coleton was on my team). One team would start the obstacle at a time while the other 2 did knee taps until Jen told them to start.

Going clockwise, starting at the green dot (Start point)
20 JJ, run to next "cone"
hop to next cone
run to next cone
10 side to side hurdle jumps, run to next "cone"
side jump back & forth over jump rope, lunges to next cone
20 dips
run back to start
knee taps until team behind you got to start

I would estimate that we did this obstacle course 7 times. I was SICK of it. I hated it. This was probably my least favorite routine.

But we weren't done yet.

Next, we went over into the cold, wet muddy grass & had to do the bear crawl. By this time, I was so tired. The bear crawl literally takes so much energy. It's when you walk on your hands & feet. Not easy for a 200 pound mama. I am not a bear. As soon as Jen said that what we had to do, my anger level raised another level. Oh, and to make it even more was a race. Everyone had finished while I still had 1/2 way to go. I didn't think I could make it the rest of the way, but even though I was pissed off, tired, and cold, I won't ever let myself give up (not that I could if I wanted to). Everyone was encouraging me, but I literally wanted to cry. When I got to the other side, everyone clapped for me, and I was proud...but still tired. I was breathing so hard...I really pushed myself to a new limit.

Then Jen told us to finish up with an Indian run. Now, I really did want to cry. I got in line, and started to run with the girls when I suddenly felt strange. I was breathing so hard, but I couldn't get a deep breath. I felt my throat closing, and I couldn't felt like my airway had closed to the size of a straw and I really started freaking out. I have NEVER felt my throat close before. I dropped out of line & started walking to Jen & tried to tell her that I couldn't breathe, and by this time I was crying, trying to breathe and hyperventilating. I have NO idea what happened, but it was very scary. Jen was very calm & told me to put my arms over my head and try to calm down. After a few minutes, I could breathe again and I took a walk around the parking lot while the other girls ran. I don't know if I had a panic attack or what, but all I know is that I have NEVER been that scared before. Maybe me pushing myself so hard that night was the straw that broke the camel's back. Maybe all of the stress & stuff I've been dealing with this week finally caved in and it was my body's way of telling me to literally take a breath and slow down. It has been such a bad week, and I am so glad that today is Friday. I'm glad that what ever it was passed and I'm OK.

Of course we finished with butts & abs:
Fire hydrants
2 mins Bird Dog
1 min Plank
overhead toe touches
scissor kicks
alphabet (draw A B C's in the air with legs)

For homework we had to add something to our gratitude journal. I said that I was grateful this week was over and that I made it though.

I need a vacation.


Anonymous said... @ December 5, 2008 at 8:41 AM

Mel, I'm so sorry to hear about your night, it sounds horrible!! It was painful for me to read let alone experience it. I'm glad you finished the night, keep your chin up and know I'm thinking of you, you are ALWAYS my motivation when I work out, I know you are working so much harder than me.

Keep it up sis!!

Love ya Heather

Mom said... @ December 5, 2008 at 9:41 AM

Oh Mel, I'm with Heather...your blog was crushing me. I know you're working so hard. Actually, what you described has happened to me on a number of occassions. I think it has something to do with being so upset and holding it back and trying to work thru something physical. It is very scary especially when you start to hyperventilate. I think that is some sort of release; maybe if you rest the weekend you'll be able to go next week without a problem. I love you and I have faith in you! I know you can......
Love you!!

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