Day 4, week 2

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As soon as I got to the park, I let Tracy know that I somehow (while stretching) strained my neck which limited my head & shoulder movement. She said that she didn't think that any of the exercises planned for the night would strain my neck, but if they did to let her know. I felt like a whiner, making up excuses as to why I may not perform my best, but honestly (even as I type this) my neck/shoulder are very strained and painful. As I was walking away, Jen (the sub trainer) jogged up (I didn't know that she joined our class!) and gave a run down of how her night had gone. I overheard her telling Tracy "...and I couldn't believe Melanie! She gave 150% and kicked some butt! She's doing amazing for her first week!" I pretended that I didn't hear them talking, but it made me feel AWESOME and motivated!

As always...walk the park, run the park....stretch. Then we start hell.

Last night's routine was called corepedia (kor-pee-dia). It involved 2 sets of 1 minute exercises in rotation. Let me see if I can remember the order:

1 min Jumping Jacks
1 min fast feet (jumping up & down switching which foot is in front)

1 min Burpie
1 min jumping jacks

1 min jump squats
1 min angel wings (At this point, my shins and bottoms of my feet were literally on FIRE. Tracy could see that there was something wrong, so she said, "Talk to me, what's going on?" I told her, and she asked if my shoes were too tight. NO, THEY'RE NOT TOO TIGHT! I pushed on; I never quit, despite the fact that I was in an enormous amount of pain.

1 min V touch (talk about an ab killer!!)
1 min standing side to side crunch

1 min superman (right arm) - This is the only thing that aggravated my neck
1 min superman (left arm)
1 min push ups

1 min dead fish (Martha, the other NEWBIE, hasn't been able to make it through a whole routine yet. She gets dizzy or nauseous, or a cramp, not her fault. She's much thinner than me...maybe a size 12, and while we were doing this exercise she looked at me and said, "Melanie, you're amazing. You're a machine!" I told her thank you, and that she was doing AWESOME too. She made me feel recharged, and gave me enough motivation to go that extra 30 seconds I thought I wouldn't make.
3 min Turkish sit up (lay flat, sit up -no arms-, cross legs, stand up...all quickly...not a graceful exercise)

(I'm sure there were more...just can't think of them)

After we were done with the circuits, we were instructed to line up. Tracy had an 8 # ball that she handed to the 1st person in the line. She said that we were to run the park at a medium jog handing the ball overhead to the person behind us. When the last person got the ball, she was to sprint to the front of the line and continue. We were told that we had 8 minutes for this exercise. After we ran the park once, I was gasping for air. When we reached Tracy, she said, "Don't stop, Go around again!" I ARE YOU FRICKING KIDDING ME??? I I thought, "There is NO WAY I can go around again....while still jogging!" I could tell that everyone (except this lady Deb who must be 45 and is obviously very fit...though not thin) was exhausted and if I were to step out now, they would only have to work harder, so I kept in sync and made it around again.

I just realized that I ran (jogged) 1 mile without stopping last night. Holy Cow!!

Now that we were all dying...time for butts & abs. I was actually surprised that Tracy was making us do more core work since everyone...even Jen...was vocalizing their abdominal fatigue...but, that's what we're here for, right?

We started with fire hydrants (on all 4's lifting one leg as if a dog peeing on a fire hydrant) and I noticed that my hips weren't feeling normal...almost like they were coming out of socket. Irregardless, I continued...until "This feels AWESOME" and pushed out 10 more...both sides.

Next, we laid on our sides (my RIGHT side first) and did leg lifts for 1 minute. If anyone stopped, everyone would have to do 50 mountain everyone begged "PLEASE DON'T STOP!" While doing the leg lifts, again my hip was in extreme pain and felt like I was dislocating it, but still I pushed on. After the lifts, we stayed on that side and did leg lifts to the front & then the back. Switch sides....

As I began doing the leg lifts on my right leg, I felt such an enormous amount of pain that I couldn't continue. I told Tracy (nearly in tears) that my hip was dislocating when I did that exercise, so I laid on my back and did leg lifts that way....for 3 minutes. I thought my leg was going to fall off, but at least it was in socket!

We finished with

sit ups (laying on your back, arms over your head, legs flat, sit up using abs and touch feet. Legs stay flat on ground)

up & overs (OH MY GOSH!!!) where you lean back on your hands while on your tail bone, feet off the ground going from side to side while making an "A" in the air

side to sides (lay on back feet up in the air, legs together and rotating your legs from right to left while getting as close to the ground as possible, making sure your back is flat on the grass) I used the grass as handles to help rotate from side to side!

& rope pulling (where you lay on your back, feet up in the air, shoulders off the ground, "pulling rope from the sky", or trying to touch your alternating toes (right hand left foot, left hand right foot)


The only thing that hurts today is my stomach and my neck. That's it! I can't believe that even after last night, when I was literally in so much pain I held back tears, I'm hardly sore. My shin splints & burning feet went away after about 40 minutes. I just have to keep reminding myself that "this too shall pass" and that, with any luck, I will soon be looking at a smaller "me".

New week...

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Over our 3 day "recovery", we were told to walk, jog or run at least a mile every day to ensure that we remained limber. I knew that this weekend was going to be a test for me, since I was physically exhausted and it is still 100° during the day. Would I have enough self-motivation to push myself to exercise on my own?

Friday success. I intended to go on a night walk/sprint around 7 after I put Jadyn to bed, however Elmo asked if I wanted to watch a movie that he rented....I am sad to say that I convinced myself that I needed the night to rest. Put the sneakers away....

Saturday morning I woke up feeling very guilty, so before I even made breakfast I put on my sneakers and workout clothes, ready to beat the heat with an early morning walk. Coleton wanted to come with me and I took Jadyn in her stroller as well. Moms jog with their kids all the time, right? We started off at a quick walk to warm up. Coleton made me chuckle inside when he said, "Mom, why are you walking so fast?" When we got to the end of the street, I told Coleton that we were going to run as fast as we could to the other crosswalk...ready, set, GO!!! So we pushing Jadyn who was laughing the whole way...until we reached the street. For some reason, my shins were already hurting again. We walked another 10 minutes or so, and then sprinted again for about a minute. By the time we got home, my shins were killing. Time to get some shoes that cost more than $20.

Sunday my shins were hurting still, so I didn't go for a walk. I thought that if I wanted to keep up with the ladies on Monday, I'd better not push it today. Instead of walking, Paige & I played the Wii Fit. That is a cool thing! I only played for an hour or so, but I could definitely feel a workout. That night I went out and bought new shoes, specifically made for running. I hope that they will support my foot more so that my calves and shins aren't in so much pain anymore. The lady that helped me last night said that the pain I was describing sounded like shin splints. Let's hope they dissipate quickly!

As for my diet this weekend, I did OK. We went to a movie on Friday (Lakeview Terrace... GREAT movie) and rather than eating the movie theater crap, I had 2 cheeseburgers from McDonald's. Not the healthiest I know, but better than their pizza & popcorn. For dinner we had burritos, I limited myself to 1 with only beans, FF sour cream, light cheese & lots of home made pico de gallo. YUMMM.

Saturday morning I had a yogurt with some egg whites & 1 slice of toast, a salad for lunch, and (oops) 1/2 of a baked chicken bacon & ranch sandwich (better than the pizza they ordered.) For a snack I had a weight watcher's ice cream (120 cals).

Sunday morning I made pancakes (limited to 2), for lunch I ate the rest of my sandwich, and for dinner I had home made Chicken Pad Thai. Dessert again was an ice cream.

Well, tonight is the 4th night. We'll see how I do after a weekend's rest!

Beginning of Week 2

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"The only thing in life that you will ever have 100% control over is what you allow to enter your thoughts."

This is the quote that we were asked to ponder and focus on this week, so I started to wonder if it's really true. Are we in complete control of the thoughts that enter our brain, or are we only in control of the thoughts we allow to linger and stick? I can't control other's thoughts or opinions that they share with me, but they still enter my thoughts (if I'm listening anyway). My control comes after, when I decide if I want to allow those thoughts to become my own or if I simply wish to discard them and delete them from my thought process.

I have learned that even though I try not to, the words of those I love play a large part in my thoughts and views of life. Negative thoughts or attitudes shared too often & freely for my likings constantly weigh me down and cause an internal battle to cast them out. It is interesting to me that I (more often than not) CHOOSE to allow negative opinions or words control my daily thinking, thus inserting personal obstacles in my path to success that I would otherwise not have had. Knowing this personal weakness, I have made the decision to share this experience with only those who I know will bring positive and encouraging thoughts with me. I know that I need to have the attitude of "YES I CAN" and "I'M DOING GREAT" rather than "YOU'RE GOING TO QUIT" or "YOU DON'T LOOK ANY DIFFERENT".

Project for the week:

List 25 affirmations (positive statements) about you or your current situation, etc..


I have the most beautiful, loving, kind, sensitive, and well-rounded kids in the world


I have a husband who loves me for who I am, not what I look like, who would do anything for me.


I am so fortunate to have a steady job, beautiful home, and family near-by.


I have the most awesome sister in the world, who is also my best friend and an excellent Auntie to my kids.


I have a great Mom who constantly tells me what a great mom I am and encourages me to be a better person.


I am an excellent friend


I am very creative


I am a good writer


I am an excellent story teller, caregiver, nurse, housekeeper, hugger, kisser, cuddler, disciplinary, chef, playmate, field trip organizer, encourager, confidant, protector, teacher and friend (aka MOM)


I easily forgive


I am a hard worker


I am strong


I have beautiful eyes


I write beautiful poems


I am emotional and compassionate


I am an animal lover


I am fortunate to be financially stable


I have a family who loves and supports me


I am smart


I am organized


I smile a lot


I love watching my kids just being kids


I love to read


I appreciate the smaller things in life, like sunrises/sunsets, rain, nature at night


I am very compassionate towards & concerned for others

That was one of the most difficult things I have ever had to compile. Who knew that it would take me over an hour to think of 25 nice things to say about myself? Self-esteem is not my strongest suit, and now I acknowledge that it's something that I need to work on.

I find comfort in knowing that I have the support of my husband, sister & mom cheering me on as I push myself one step closer to being the beautiful person that I know I am. I can not wait to see the results that these next few months will encompass. I dream invariably of the day that this caterpillar will finally emerge as the beautiful butterfly she knows she is destined to become, at last able to spread her wings and fly to her potential. I will no longer be held back by my visual appearance.

Day 3...End of week 1

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Well....I did it. I made it through another day completing the first of 12 weeks, and I have the aching muscles to prove it.

Tracy had a previous obligation last night, so we were trained by Jen, a former LFBC member. When I pulled up to the park & met Jen, I thought, "She's really nice. Maybe she won't work us so hard." What a foolish thought.

As always, we started with the speed walk then running 1/2 a mile. I actually was 3rd to finish this time, which encouraged me. Once we were done, we stretched. I knew immediately that I was going to have a difficult time because every muscle in my calves were already burning and all I did was run. I think every night is worse than the one before simply because my muscles ache from the start.

Jen told us that tonight's theme was "Cardio Mania". Super.

She told us to run the park again...another 1/2 mile. I only ran about 1/3 and speed walked the rest...trying not to cry from the pain in my shins. Once we were back we did the following:

180 Rocky's (off & on the curb)
Sprint, jog, sprint, jog the park (the park has a square sidewalk that = 1/2 mile - sprint one side, jog one side, sprint one side, jog one side)
60 mountain climbers
180 Rocky's
High skip the park
25 squat Jumps
180 Rocky's
Jog the park backwards (I didn't even know I had muscles in the front of my hips)
30 Burpies (Crouch down, feet out, feet back, jump up)
180 Rocky's
Side step the park (Holy Frickin Cow)
30 Jumping Jacks
180 Rocky's
Sprint Jog Sprint Jog
30 Some other hellish exercise...I forget what it's called.

The thing I like most about this group is that everyone works at their own pace; there is no competition. We were allowed to take 1 minute breaks when we needed them. I had to take a 2 minute break at one point to stretch out my calves after one of the runs. I was seriously in so much pain that it was all I could do to push forward and not cry. When we were doing our "around the park" exercises, I thought (more than once) about just sitting down and quitting until someone noticed I was missing. But, I didn't. Jen kept saying..."Take breaks, hydrate yourselves, but don't baby yourselves. Push Push Push!"

Jen brought her 8 year old daughter there who was actually a big motivator, for me anyway. She had a build-a-bear dressed in a cheer leading costume and would have it "high 5" us every time we finished the run or say "You're doing awesome" in her little bear's voice. My biggest motivation (or my "happy place" as we call it) is knowing how happy my weight loss will make the kids, Coleton especially. I know that I need to do this for me, but knowing how Coleton feels about my weight is heavy on my brain, and I don't want him to grow up wondering "Why do you have to be fat?"

Throughout the night I staggered from middle to last in my position of the group. I tried not to care, but I did. I was trying so hard to push through the pain...and finally (with about 20 minutes left) the pain subsided enough that I was able to move from last position to 2nd. I sprinted those last laps like nothing I've ever done...and actually jogged the other 2 laps. Jen was very enthusiastic as I turned the last corner.

Just when I thought I was done...Jen said that the last drill was the "Jumping Jacks (JJ), Push up (PU)" drill. I hate that one! 1 JJ, 1 PU...2 JJ 2 PU.....ect...until 3 people get to 10, then everyone can stop. I haven't ever been one of the 3 to finish all 10 (actually 55), BUT I WAS 2ND LAST NIGHT!!!!! Jen couldn't believe that "a newbie" was one of the closers...I was dead tired....but.....still not done. Time for Butts & Abs.

What we did doesn't matter. All I remember is my butt was on fire and Jen's daughter kept screaming..."20 Seconds! Anyone can do ANYTHING for 20 seconds!" Those last 20 seconds of every 2 minute drill are brutal. I usually enjoy (aka hate the least) the Abs section not only because I know we're almost done, but also because of the fact that we're laying on our backs in the middle of the park (killing ourselves), and I can focus on the stars. It brings peace to me and lets me concentrate on something other than how much pain I'm in. Thank heavens for that.

We closed with reviewing our "Homework" sharing 1 of the goals that we were supposed to have set at the beginning of the week. Newbies had to share 2. I disclosed my weight goal, which I was told, "We can do that no problem."

As I drove home, I was so relaxed and surprisingly happy. Although I was physically beat & fatigued, I was mentally stimulated and thrilled knowing that I had made it through the most difficult week (physically anyway) of my life. I smiled at every muscle ache and pain knowing that they were signs of fat burning and a necessary side effect on the journey to becoming the new "me."

Day 2...still alive, but SORE

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Well, this morning I wasn't as sore as I thought I'd be. I could definitely tell I'd worked out, but my calves weren't burning anymore, nor were my thighs. My inner thighs are sore, as are my back muscles and shoulders, but all in all, I feel great! Correction...I FEEL AWESOME! (it's our phrase...)

I'd be lying if I said that I didn't have butterflies in my stomach as I drove up to the park for day # 2. I was terrified of the drills we would be pushed through, but I refuse to give up.

Again we started with the brisk walk followed by running. I actually feel like it was harder for me tonight than last night, and it was ALL I could do to finish without stopping. Perhaps it had to do with the fact that I was trying to keep up with the veterans rather than the newbies.

In any event, I did it again, and I was proud. After the run we had a 1 minute break. Why is it that our 1 minute breaks FLY by, whereas our 1 minute exercise lasts FOREVER? After our "break" we stretched. I was happy that at least this night I maintained my balance and didn't throw up!

Tracy told us that tonight was going to fly by because we were going to do short 3 minute drills. I can do that! What's 3 minutes, right?! WRONG! Here is what I can remember from last night:

Mountain climbers
Jumping jacks
Lunges (It's supposed to hurt!)
Planks (Holy **** I thought I was going to DIE)
Tri ups (1 arm side crunch) (1.5 mins per side)
Toe touches...laying down
Toe touches standing up
Angel wings (Again, thought I was going to die)
Standing side crunch
Step ups (Stepping on a bench with one leg) 1.5 mins per side
Dips (again using the bench backwards, hands on bench, dipping butt to floor, back straight)

Each of these exercises alone are extremely difficult, but add sweat to the mix and you have a whole new obstacle! Sweat up your nose, in your eyes, making your knees & elbows slippery; it's nearly impossible to hold a plank when your elbows & forearms are sweaty!

After our "quick & easy" 3 minute cycles were over, we closed with butts & abs again. If I had to do even 1 sit-up today to survive, I think I would die. My stomach, sides, back, shoulders, thighs (Frickin' lunges) and even my neck are all killing.

But, I love the feeling knowing that I am burning 700-900 calories a workout (or so we're told) and that I can feel the workout the next day. I can't wait to see what kind of results this routine will have for me!

Thank goodness we get a break tomorrow~!

Day 1....what have I gotten myself into?

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I just returned home from my first boot camp session...what have I gotten myself into?

We started the night with speed walking around the park, which is about 1/2 a mile. Immediately after we returned to the starting location, we were instructed to run the circumference. I thought to myself, "There is no way that I will be able to run for even a minute" but not wanting to be the only person unable to succeed, I pushed myself to maintain a rhythm and thought of Coleton's words to me as I left the house, "I can't believe that you're going to be skinny, Mom." Though I felt like I was going to pass out and like I couldn't breathe, I ran the whole distance, and I wasn't even the last to finish! I was so proud of myself and so tired I felt like crying, but no time.

We were allowed a quick sip of water and then went directly into stretches. I normally have good balance, but I was so tired and panting so hard I couldn't even stand on one leg! Tracy, the trainer, asked how I was doing, to which I replied, "My calves were burning" and she chuckled and said, "Oh, you're in trouble for tonight!" Great!!

After stretching, Tracy told us that we were going to love her because she had a new drill. The veterans of the class all let out a groan that scared me. Tracy proceeded to tell us that she had placed 6 cones on the curb as markers. At each marker, we were to do 40 reps of "up the curb", then 40 reps down the curb, followed by 10 push-ups...lather, rinse & repeat 6 times. After the 6th marker, we were then to work our way back DOWN the curb, 40 reps up, 40 reps down, and 10 squat jumps. A squat jump, I learned, is when you squat as low as you can, keeping your back straight, and then jump back up. Easy you say?! Go try it! After our 12th marker (6+6=12) we were instructed to start over (can you hear the groans?), but now we were to do 20 up, 20 down, followed by 10 jumping jacks. Needless to say, I threw up about 3/4 of the way through and then again when we were done. Tracy says "It's not uncommon...drink smaller sips of water."

Now, I completed 14 markers, so let's see how many stairs that is equivalent to:

40 up * 12 = 480 + (20*2) = 520 stairs
40 down * 12 = 480 + (20*2) = 520 stairs
GRAND TOTAL OF STAIRS = 1,040 stairs...without a break!

60 push ups
60 squat jumps
20 jumping jacks

And, as if that wasn't enough, once we were done with that, we close with butts & abs...

We were given numerous exercises to do at our own pace and duration. When you can't do anymore, you have to shout out, "THIS FEELS AWESOME" and do 10 more before stopping. Everyone of those women were drenched with sweat and so tired, but still pushed on, which motivated and compelled me to as well.

At the end of the night, I was dragging...barely walking and using every ounce of my remaining energy to stand up, walk to my car, and drive home. I was soaked. Soaked doesn't even do me justice. I got home and Elmo said, "Holy cow Hun. You're soaked. Do not get in bed like that." I forced myself to the bathroom and started a bath...I'm not sure I would have made it through a shower at this point. The simple task of undressing was a chore in itself...washing my hair, my shoulders ached for the push ups, my calves and thighs burned from the night, and my abs were sore from the last exercises. I was already dreading tomorrow night, knowing that I started tonight without any aching muscles, but tomorrow I would be sore and worked even harder.

What have I gotten myself into?

Beginning Measurements & Goals

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We are given weekly projects to motivate us through our endeavors. This week, our project is goal setting...

My goals:

Physical - Under 200 by Thanksgiving
Financial - Save at least $500 a month
Family - Dedicate 1 day a week as a family day (games, outings, events)
Career - Couldn't think of one here....
Social - Make more time for me with friends
Spiritual - Start reading/teaching biblical stories to the kids

We're not supposed to get on a scale...the scale is not our friend...but since I'm in the weightloss study, I'm weighed every month. We are focusing on inches lost.

My beginning measurements:

Weight - 223
Neck - 13.25"
Bellybutton - 45.75"
3" below hips - 52.75"
R Thigh 6" above knee - 25.5"
L Thigh 6" above knee - 25.5"

Current Clothing sizes
Pants - 20
Shirt - 1X
Bra - 38C

The journey begins....

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Well, I've finally decided to commit myself to a fitness regime that I can not quit...Boot Camp.

I found the Ladies Fitness Boot Camp while I was looking through the Litchfield Park Sports page in an attempt to sign Paige & Coleton up for soccer. There was a tiny little article that said "Boot Camp" that caught my eye, and it listed a website address to learn more. I quickly logged onto to see what it was, and there was Camo page detailing what the program entailed.

Now, you all know me, and I know that I need to be pushed to succeed because I am easily discouraged and give up. What could be more "motivating" than a drill sergeant pushing you to go farther than you think you can go? The cost was pricey, but I knew that I needed to join. I asked Elmo, who without hesitation, gave me permission to invest and enroll in my health.

The classes run 3 days a week for 1.5 hours, Monday, Tuesday, & Thursdays from 7 - 8:30 p.m. for 12 weeks, and the first class started right after Marty's wedding...when I knew I would already be exhausted. Here's looking forward to....or fearing.....September 22, 2008.


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