End of month 3 measurements

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Previous measurements are as follows:
S = start
1 = End of Month 1
2 = End of Month 2
3 = End of Month 3

Weight - (S) 223 (1) 220 (2) 215 (3) 215...same, I think
Neck - (S) 13.25" (1) 13" (2) 12.75" (3) 12.75"- same
Bellybutton - (S) 45.75" (1) 44.0" (2) 43" (3) 42" - Lost another 1"
3" below hips - (S) 52.75" (1) 51.5" (2) 49.5" (3) 47.5"- Lost another 2"
R Thigh 6" above knee - (S) 25.5" (1) 23.5" (2) 23.25 (3) 23"- Lost another .25"
L Thigh 6" above knee - (S) 25.5" (1) 23.5" (2) 23.25 (3) 23" - Lost another .25"

So, to recap, in 12 weeks, I have had the following results:

Pounds lost - 8
Inches lost - 14.5"

In my waist ALONE, I have lost 5.25", which is odd because I'm still in the same clothes. In my belly I have lost 3.75". I hope to be in a smaller size by the time I go to see Mom in March!

I will take another picture & post it...that is IF there is a difference from last months!

Day 35...week 12

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So, Monday was pretty rainy...and cold. I felt the beginnings of a cold coming on and thought I'd be better off NOT tempting fate by playing in the rain for 90 minutes. Needless to say, I skipped boot camp, but felt terrible about it all night...and wondered how many ladies were there.

Last night was cold & wet, but at the time of boot camp, not raining, so I decided to brave the weather. I learned that quite a few ladies went the night before, however not so many faced the rain again. Last night there were only 4 ladies...including me. Small class, but effective none the less.

Walk/run (which is a lot more difficult in 40° cold & humid weather). It had now started to rain, and varied from a light sprinkle to a decent rain...luckily no downpour. Finish warming up with2 sets of 10 - 3 count JJ, 1/2 JJ & fast feet (1..2..3 "1" 1..2..3 "2" 1..2..3 "3")

We did a modified core to the bone, as we were limited with non-ground contact exercises. We did 6 minutes of 1 cardio, then 1 minute of 4 core exercises. The night went as follows:

6 minutes lunges
1 min angel arms
1 min side to side crunch
1 min angel arms
1 min side to side crunch

6 minutes Sumo Walk
1 min angel arms
1 min side to side crunch
1 min angel arms
1 min side to side crunch

6 minutes backwards lunges
1 min angel arms
1 min side to side crunch
1 min angel arms
1 min side to side crunch

6 minutes Frankenstein walks
1 min angel arms
1 min side to side crunch
1 min angel arms
1 min side to side crunch

Butts & abs were also heavily modified since we couldn't lay on the ground:

Holding onto a light post...3 minutes standing leg lifts, each side
Holding onto a light post...3 minutes standing leg swings, side to side, each side
6 mins Standing bicycle crunch

Hmmm.....my legs are PRETTY sore today...thanks Tracey!

Day 33...end of week 11

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As you may (or may not) notice, I missed day 32. Coleton had his Christmas concert...

As the girls began to appear for the night, I asked them what routine I missed. Their reply? "OWW." "Oww?" I said. "Yes. Oww."

Guess it was a good night to miss. Any routine named OWW must be painful. Thank you Coleton.

Last night's routine was called, "Burn it off...Boot Camp style." I guess the name is opposed to burn it off...camp fire style? he he he....

It was a new kind of routine...not really cycles...not really any one type of template to follow, so it's a little hard to remember the order that we did things. It went something like this:

2 minutes fast feet
2 minutes burpies
2 minutes JJ
2 minutes skipping


1 minute fast feet
1 minute Burpies
1 minute JJ
1 minute skipping


2 laps speed walking
6 "football field lengths" of walk to 50 yard line, sprint to TD line

2 mins 8 count burpies
1 min jump turns
2 mins leg lifts
2 mins mountain climbers
1 min sit ups
1 min scissor kicks

I'm sure that we did more...but I really can't remember them.

Butts & Abs:

fire hydrants
leg pulse
one legged leg lifts
overhear toe touches
1/2 sit ups with 1 leg off the ground
moving leg criss cross things

You know, I looked at pictures from last year at Heather's bridal shower...and I look the same. I'm starting to feel like I will NEVER be thin...I will NEVER lose this weight.

I am getting SO frustrated........but I know I never WILL get there if I don't maintain my exercise and continue eating right...at the very least, I won't get any bigger.......

Day 31...week 11

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There are only 2 weeks until my initial 12 week course is up...and I can't believe it.

I am a little upset with the lack of progress I've seen, but maybe (hopefully) it's just that I'm not seeing it. I really need to work harder.

Last night's routine was "Run like the Wind"

It was basically a night of cardio...run 2 laps then do a certain amount of 1 exercise. Paige went with me, and did OK, but her attitude began to resurface towards the end of the night.

The exercises we did in between laps were:

100 JJ
40 burpies
50 lunges
40 dips
60 good mornings/side

It was a fast paced and exhausting night...so I'm starting to wonder why my fat butt isn't disappearing more quickly.

I'm starting to get a little discouraged.

Day 30...end of week 10

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Let me first begin by saying last night sucked for me, personally. I despised the routine we did, mostly because it kicked my butt, but also I think because of my not-so-high spirit wouldn't allow me to enjoy the exercise. My mood was miserable.

Jen trained us last night. I arrived as Jen was placing empty coffee cans throughout the parking lot as "cones." She told us that we were going to do an obstacle course she created from one of Tracey's workouts.

After we walked/ran, we finished warming up with JJ/PU. I was first to finish (gratitude page), and it felt AWESOME! You'd think that little motivational accomplishment would have been enough to get me through the night, but you'd be wrong. I started the obstacle course with a positive attitude...really I did...but by the 3rd time around, my attitude left something to be desired. I was in pain, completely exhausted, Jen came over to push me harder and I nearly lashed out at her! I sometimes get so angry when I'm being pushed harder than I'm already working because I feel like they (trainers) don't know what pain I'm feeling and pushing through at that moment. Last night I was dealing with the excruciating pain from lack of skin on my heels AND sever shin splints. I just wanted to stop & go home...more than once throughout the night.

The obstacle was like this:

There were 6 people last night, 3 teams of 2 (Coleton was on my team). One team would start the obstacle at a time while the other 2 did knee taps until Jen told them to start.

Going clockwise, starting at the green dot (Start point)
20 JJ, run to next "cone"
hop to next cone
run to next cone
10 side to side hurdle jumps, run to next "cone"
side jump back & forth over jump rope, lunges to next cone
20 dips
run back to start
knee taps until team behind you got to start

I would estimate that we did this obstacle course 7 times. I was SICK of it. I hated it. This was probably my least favorite routine.

But we weren't done yet.

Next, we went over into the cold, wet muddy grass & had to do the bear crawl. By this time, I was so tired. The bear crawl literally takes so much energy. It's when you walk on your hands & feet. Not easy for a 200 pound mama. I am not a bear. As soon as Jen said that what we had to do, my anger level raised another level. Oh, and to make it even more FUN...it was a race. Everyone had finished while I still had 1/2 way to go. I didn't think I could make it the rest of the way, but even though I was pissed off, tired, and cold, I won't ever let myself give up (not that I could if I wanted to). Everyone was encouraging me, but I literally wanted to cry. When I got to the other side, everyone clapped for me, and I was proud...but still tired. I was breathing so hard...I really pushed myself to a new limit.

Then Jen told us to finish up with an Indian run. Now, I really did want to cry. I got in line, and started to run with the girls when I suddenly felt strange. I was breathing so hard, but I couldn't get a deep breath. I felt my throat closing, and I couldn't breath...it felt like my airway had closed to the size of a straw and I really started freaking out. I have NEVER felt my throat close before. I dropped out of line & started walking to Jen & tried to tell her that I couldn't breathe, and by this time I was crying, trying to breathe and hyperventilating. I have NO idea what happened, but it was very scary. Jen was very calm & told me to put my arms over my head and try to calm down. After a few minutes, I could breathe again and I took a walk around the parking lot while the other girls ran. I don't know if I had a panic attack or what, but all I know is that I have NEVER been that scared before. Maybe me pushing myself so hard that night was the straw that broke the camel's back. Maybe all of the stress & stuff I've been dealing with this week finally caved in and it was my body's way of telling me to literally take a breath and slow down. It has been such a bad week, and I am so glad that today is Friday. I'm glad that what ever it was passed and I'm OK.

Of course we finished with butts & abs:
Fire hydrants
2 mins Bird Dog
1 min Plank
overhead toe touches
scissor kicks
alphabet (draw A B C's in the air with legs)

For homework we had to add something to our gratitude journal. I said that I was grateful this week was over and that I made it though.

I need a vacation.

Week 10...Day 29

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What a tiring night! It's great to be back, but I think my body is trying to boycott the resumption of working out. It's definately aching today.

After our walk/run, we finished warming up with Tracey count (1 2 3 ONE 1 2 3 TWO...to TEN) jumping jack, 1/s JJ & mountain climbers. We did them each twice.

The night's routine was called "Double or Nothing."

It was done by using the cards that Tracey has...and as soon as I saw them I moaned. The rules of the game were that there were 5 colors of cards. Each person took turns guessing the color on the card. If they guessed right, there was a 20 second break and that card was skipped. If they were wrong, we had to do that exercise for 2 minutes rather than 1. There were 8 ladies last night & we each got 3 turns. We did a lot of exercises (there were only 4 skips), but I'll do my best to remember what they were:

bear crawl
snow angels
walk it outs
reverse snow angels
arm rotations
star jumpers
narrow push ups
the lizard
mountain climbers
good mornings
fast feet
hopping up
hopping on 1 foot

For butts & abs we did:
fire hydrants
sprinter (1 min per side)
over head toe touches
bike crunch
reverse bike crunch
leg climbers

I am sore...and exhausted...today, and am NOT ashamed to say that I am THANKFUL for the day off. However, don't think that I'll be catching up on any shows...we're finishing the waterfall tonight!

On another note...Paige was very positive and motivated last night...which was a COMPLETE 180° from the night before. She was driving me crazy, but hopefully my inspiration chat with her helped her realize that all things worth while usually come with HARD WORK and determination.

I'm back..

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Holy cow! I haven't posted in what seems like FOREVER!

We went to the mall on black Friday (yes, we're crazy) and while we were there I bought a new pair of shoes. I wore them in the mall (*HUGE* mistake) and by the time we got back to the car my heels were so damaged that today I still have bloody scabs. YIKES! Putting sneakers on was so painful that I seriously contemplated missing this week, but I really didn't want to do that. I worked through the pain, but when I got home my socks were stuck to my sores. I had to wet them to get the off!

Back on track, and I have a minute to catch up.

So, over the holiday, Jen was kind enough to offer us campees a free week of camp. Unfortunately, since I was up to my elbows in rock on Monday, I only attended Tuesday's work out. It was one based on circuits...3 exercises 3 mins each of a certain body section...core, arms, legs... It was a nice work out. I had planned on attending Thursday morning as well, however I was still baking pies & beans until noon, so I missed the 8:00 meet time.

Yesterday was the start of week 10...day 28. Boy, does it feel good to get back on track.

The night's routine was called "Nothin' but Net". Usually this routine is done on a tennis court, but since we're in a parking lot, parking lines serve as the net for all intents & purposes.

For 3 (or 6) mins we did an exercise to & from the net. That exercise was followed by 2 mins of 2 additional exercises. It was a high paced cardio night, which suited well after a holiday meant for eating! Tracey would intermittently shout "NET" during our 3 min drills, which meant that we had to reverse the direction we were going. For example, if we were running forward, when she yelled net, we had to run backwards. I personally think she was having a little too much fun with the "NET" command...sometimes we couldn't even get in a single step before she had us reversing directions again!

1st set:

3 mins: Run to the net (forward & backward)
2 mins upper good mornings
2 mins side crunch

3 mins front & backward skipping to the net
2 mins angel wings
2 mins squat jumps

6 mins front & backward lunges to the net
2 mins upper good mornings
2 mins side crunch

6 mins 5 burpies, run to net, 20 JJ, run back
2 mins upper good mornings
2 mins side crunch

It was tiring, but much needed. I have a lot to add about Paige, but no time...

Day 27...end of week 9

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The night's routine was called "Are you up for the challenge?" Jen was working us since Tracey had a conflict with her schedule. She told us that we had a choice between Cardio Mania & Challenge...hmmmmm....let me think!

We killed our legs Mon & Tues, so Thursday was all core/upper body...which was A OK with me.

After walk/run/stretch, we finished warming up with skipping, shuffling & jumping jacks.

The night went as follows: (4) sets of 2 exercises, 1 min each followed by a 1 minute break.

1st run:

Dips & tummy angels (snow angels, but on your tummy)

2nd run:

push ups & leg lifts

3rd run:

2 laps running

4th run:

overhead toe touches & bicycles

5th run:

6 1/2 MINUTES of arm circles, and various other movements.

6th run:

walk a lap

Is that it? There must have been more...but I can't remember them.

Anyway, follow up with butts & abs.

Fire hydrants
stir the pot
drawing a blank today........

Coleton didn't do ANYTHING last night but run the 2 laps. He quit too. Guess it's not so much fun for them after all!

Kind of not in the mood to type today...better entry next week...

Oh, by the way... you should be proud of me that even though there isn't TECHNICALLY any boot camp meetings next week, Jen had generously offered to have us join her on her workouts, same time & place on Monday & Tuesday. I'll be taking advantage of that so I don't feel guilty eating on Thanksgiving. It will allow me a few bites of pie!!

Day 26...week 9

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It has been unseasonably warm lately. As soon as I get Jadyn from preschool and pull into the garage, she's already awaiting play time outside. After the melt down caused by the mean mom forcing the anxious toddler to go potty first, we journey outside and play until 5:00. I am taking FULL advantage of this absolutely BEAUTIFUL weather. Unfortunately, since our swing set (that is only 8 month old I might add) is limping along with only the swings intact, we have been forced to be more creative in our play time as we are surrounded by the concrete jungle. My solution, lots & lots of bike riding.

It's good for me, and Jadyn could sit on the back of that bike all day long feeling the wind in her hair (through her helmet of course, which FINALLY fits). The only downfall of that is that after 45-60 minutes of riding the bike...I still have to go to boot camp. Can you say TIRED LEGS?

Although by the time I needed to leave my thighs weren't hurting, my shins & calves certainly were from Monday's routine. Nevertheless, off I went...determined in my efforts to meet my goal weight.

Tracey told us, as we were waiting a few more minutes to start, that she had been running around all day trying to sell her 3Phase Diet Deck that I've been talking about. For anyone reading this who is NOT in one of Tracey's Boot Camps, please click HERE for a video or HERE for more information (go to 3Phase Diet Deck tab at top). I honestly wish her THE BEST of luck getting these cards "out there" so that others can follow the plan. It's visual, and best of all, EASY. Anyone who knows me can buy them from me...they're $30...I'll get them for you from Tracey.

Anyhow, after walk/run/stretch, we finished warning up with 3 reps of high skipping to a line, backwards skip back, 3 reps of side shuffle to the line & back, & 30 JJ, run to line, 30 JJ, run back.

When we were done, Tracey told us that the night's routine was F'ing (Filthy) Fifty (See HERE for in depth description)

Let's see if I can remember (in no particular order) the things we did (all in sets of 50)

Angel Arms
Walk it outs
Push ups
over head toe touches
jump turns

I'm sure there were more, but you get the picture! PAIN, PAIN & more PAIN!

Butts & Abs:

Fire hydrants
1 min leg lifts
1 sided leg pulse (a min per side)
over head toe touches
30 sec fast bicycle
30 sec slow bicycle
30 sec ab raises
30 sec ab pulses

I am surprisingly not sore today. It is an AWESOME day in my books. So far there are 3 things that have made it such:

1. I woke up not sore
2. I easily SLID on a pair of jeans that I couldn't even get up 4 weeks ago (gratitude journal)
3. A complete stranger paid for my drink this morning at Starbucks.

Ah yes....life is good!

Oh...on a side note....I haven't mentioned Paige lately....oops.

She did great on Monday...although skipping A LOT of reps (though she swears she did them all), she worked out the entire night. Last night, however, she didn't do anything...but lay on her mat. She said that she didn't want to do anything, and that she had "the sleepy bug". She also said that she isn't coming anymore. I'm not going to push her...I know soon enough she'll want to come again. It irritated me though that she was there doing NOTHING & Coleton wanted to go so badly that night. Paige wouldn't let him. Then again...he sits out a lot when he comes too. Kids! Even THEY don't know what they want!

Month 3, Week 1 Assignment

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Goal setting again.

I don't even need to think about which GOAL I am setting as my "will accomplish" this month. It is sticking to the 3 Phase Plan. I have the tools...now it's up to me to use them.

There are 6 areas for goal setting that I must do:

Physical - The 3 phase Plan
Financial - Save the $$ for tickets to see Mom in March
Family - Give each child (and Elmo) an out of the blue hug & kiss, tell them I love them, and compliment every day. ALSO ~ Finish Christmas Shopping!
Career - Finish A2LA re-certification (yUcK!)
Social - Make a "girls' night out date...and KEEP IT!
Spiritual - Finish reading "The Last Lecture." Get a Children's Bible for the kids.

Those all seem like goals I can easily achieve...all during this month!!

Day 25...beginning Month 3

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What a night. It was brutal...and I can hardly walk today because my shins are in such distress. I am seriously considering meeting with a podiatrist to see if there are special insoles that I should have for my shoes...this is ridiculous. I shouldn't be in such pain just from (what usually causes them) jumping jacks!

After our walk/run/stretch, we finished warming up with 1 min each of JJ, 1/2 JJ, and mountain climbers. My shins were on "FIRE" as Jen would say. That the heck?!?! I'm really getting sick of that pain.

Anyway, last night was what Tracey called, "A modified version of the Stadium Run." Her morning group works out at a high school, so they have bleachers and a track to use, thus the "Stadium Run" routine that she's developed. We, however, only have a teacher's parking lot, so we do what we can to make them (the routines) similar...for example, instead of running the track (1/4 mile) we run the parking lot twice. Rather than running up & down the bleachers 3 times (40 steps) we do 3 sets of (40) steps (Rocky's) on & off the curb.

Last night, the routine went as follows:

Run 2 laps
(3) sets of 40 Rocky's
20 Burpies

Skip 2 laps
(3) sets of 40 Rocky's
40 ab tucks (leg extension) things

Run 2 laps backwards
(3) sets of 40 Rocky's
40 dips on the curb

Side Shuffle 2 laps
(3) sets of 40 Rocky's
40 push ups

Run 2 laps

Finish with the infamous BUTTS & ABS:

Fire Hydrants
1 min 1 legged scissor kick (each side)
1 min leg lifts (lift butt off ground)
1 min overhead tow touches
1 min pull throughs (like a sit up, but only 1/2 way up as you reach through your knees)

I can't decide yet if I'm excited for the 1 week break that we have next week or not. Jen has generously offered to meet on Thanksgiving morning for a "free" workout so we don't feel so bad as we eat; not sure if I'll attend, but I know I should.

I have not been doing very well on my "diet". Tracey asks me (everyone) every night how we're doing and I keep letting her down. I really need to devote myself to this thing...I've been slacking lately...and I know it. I have to keep reminding myself that if I've seen results already WITHOUT sticking to Tracey's plan...imagine what I'll see when I do!

I need to do it...I think I can...I know I can.....

Day 24 - End of week 8

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2 months ago, I made a promise to change my life for the better, and have never looked back. I absolutely LOVE boot camp and what it's done for me...physically, mentally and spiritually. I have gained self esteem, endurance, strength, friends, and a new sense of self worth.

During the nights of camp, I am so incredibly tired, yet I always find some sort of motivation to endure the pain a little longer (usually another 20 seconds) so that I don't feel failure. I am constantly pushed to my limits; at times I feel as thought I can't last another second or do one more (fill in the blank), yet the constant support from fellow campers won't allow me to give up. It is amazing to me that a simple word of encouragement or compliment can mean more to me than anything I've ever know.

Thursday's workout was horrible. It was painful, exhausting & nearly impossible. It was called "Wind Beneath My Wings: Partner Style."

We were assigned partners, basically the person that was standing next to us. (Un)Fortunately, Jen (you know, the substitute trainer) was standing next to me. Great...I didn't want to let her down...she's a machine and MUCH MUCH MUCH more fit than me. All of these thoughts came to mind and I didn't even know what we were doing yet!

The night went as follows:

Racing...one partner had to run 1/3 of the parking lot, do 20 prisoner squats, run back, run 2/3 of the parking lot, so 20 squat jumps, run back, run the whole parking lot, do 20 jump turns, run back, and then tag their partner. The partner would then do the same thing. 1st one back won. I was so out of breath, it wasn't even funny. I think it's getting a lot harder to breathe as the air gets colder!

2 min break

Racing...one partner had to sit squat against the wall with their hands in the air while their partner did lunges to a designated line in the parking lot & back. Once they reached the other side, they had to tag their partner on the wall, and they switched spots. This was repeated a total of 3 times. First group done won. By the 3rd time on the wall, I SWEAR to you, I was DYING. I was in so much pain...especially after doing the lunges.

2 min break

Racing...One partner had to do Spiderman Lunges while the other did Leap Frogs across the parking lot and back. Once they reached the other side, they switched with their partner. This was repeated 3 times. First group done won. Did I mention that today is SATURDAY and my shins STILL hurt?

2 min break

Sit-ups (partner counts while you do them, then switch). Jen did 45, I did 40...with her pushing me to reach 40...it was my "goal" before we started.

Leg pushes....one person lays down & holds onto partners legs. Partner has laying down partner's legs in air and pushes them down any way they want. Laying down partner has to bring them back up before they hit the ground. Switch

Alternating 1 legged scissor kicks (partner holds leg not in use)

We didn't have time for butts & abs since it was a graduation night. It was defiantly an exhausting night...right up there with Cardio Mania...

Never the less, I am certain that I will be becoming a long-termer.

End of Month 2 measurements

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Can you believe that it's been 2 months already? Neither can I.

Time to re-measure again...

Previous measurements are as follows:
S = start
1 = End of Month 1
2 = End of Month 2

Weight - (S) 223 (1) 220 (2) 215 - Lost another 5 pounds!
Neck - (S) 13.25" (1) 13" (2) 12.75" - Lost another .25"
Bellybutton - (S) 45.75" (1) 44.0" (2) 43" - Lost another 1"
3" below hips - (S) 52.75" (1) 51.5" (2) 49.5" - Lost another 2"
R Thigh 6" above knee - (S) 25.5" (1) 23.5" (2) 23.25 - Lost another .25"
L Thigh 6" above knee - (S) 25.5" (1) 23.5" (2) 23.25 - Lost another .25"

So, to recap, in 7 1/2 weeks, I have had the following results:

Pounds lost - 8
Inches lost - 11"

Ain't life grand?

I will post my BMI change tonight after I get it!

Day 23...week 8

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Having been re-motivated by the progress I saw in the picture I took Monday, I was ready to go...no matter what the night had in store. I was still not 100%, but there was no way I was going to miss another night!

I was surprised to hear that there were only 4 ladies that were at Monday's workout; must have been something in the air!

Anyway, after our walk/run/stretch, we finished warming up with 2 sets of (40) JJ, (40) 1/2 JJ and (40) mountain climbers. Yikes!

Tracey told us to get hydrated and catch our breath...we were gunna need it because we were going to do one of her favorite oldies. Jen (the substitute trainer) said, "I'm going to scream if we're doing 'How do you get to the other side'." Apparently that routine was the 1st routine that Jen did when she started and it stuck in her head as THE most difficult routine that Tracey has. If Jen (who is AT MOST 110 pounds and SUPER FIT) thought a certain routine was the worst...it must be!

Sure enough, as we were walking to one side of the parking lot, Tracey said, "Tonight's routine is called.....How do you get to the other side!" Crap, crap & double crap!

The way it went was everyone would take turns drawing cards that had some sort of lower body or cardio exercise which we would have to do to get to the other side of the parking lot. Depending on what it was, we would either have to do it back too, or run back if Tracey knew our legs wouldn't make it. After 7 cards were drawn, we did 2 exercises on our mats, and then repeated.

Round 1:
Card 1 - Side squats (both ways)
Card 2 - Lateral Lunges (run back)
Card 3 - backward skipping (both ways)
Card 4 - Front lunges (run back)
Card 5 - backwards running (both ways)
Card 6 - Sumo Walk
Card 7 -Bear Crawl (this is now my most HATED exercise. You walk on your hands and feet)
2 mins angel arms
20 burpies
1 min break

Round 2: (the cards were replaced in the deck after each round)
Card 1 - Side Squats (run back)
Card 2 - Side Shuffle (both ways)
Card 3 - backwards skipping (both ways)
Card 4 - Lateral Lunges (run back)
Card 5 - backwards lunges (run back)
Card 6 - Frankenstein Walks (both ways)
Card 7 - Sumo Walk (run back)
2 mins angel arms
20 burpies

The night went by so fast, and before I knew it, it was time for BUTTS & ABS

Fire hydrants
1 legged scissor kick (each side)
over head toe touches
1 min plank
leg lifts (butt off ground)

Although I can completely understand how that routine on your FIRST night would be hell, it really wasn't that bad for me. Sure, my legs were jell-o and shaking, but that's not different from any other night. I think that the first night (no matter what it is) always sticks out as the worst...for example, my worst night was CARDIO MANIA, and I still believe that it is THE hardest routine I've done so far.

Paige did SO AWESOME last night. She didn't take any additional breaks and kicked some royal butt. She was so proud of herself, and so was I. I am already seeing a MAJOR improvement in her endurance, self esteem, drive, and determination. I even took some "before" pictures of her on Monday so that in a few months she'll be able to see the physical changes that are sure to follow.

Sadly...I am going to miss day 22...

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I am sitting here...dressed and ready to go to boot camp...and once again feeling like crap. This time, it's not my stomach, it's my headache and terrible terrible gas pains. I am rithing in pain...but so incredibly happy. Upset I can't go tonight, but I had PAige take another set of pictures for me so that I could see how much (if any) progress I've made in the 7 weeks of boot camp.

So, you be the judge. I, for one, can definately see a difference, but sometimes it's easier for me to see because I know myself the best.

I'd like to know if you can see a difference too.

Day 21...end of week 7

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Oh my aching back! I seriously had to FORCE myself to go to work today. My back is in so much pain that driving, sitting, raising a cup to my lips...anything that uses a back muscle...hurts and makes me wince. I don't know if I slept wrong, or if it had something to do with last night's workout. It didn't hurt when I came home last night.

Coleton went with me last night...partly because Paige didn't want to (she wants to spend time with Elmo...watching Survivor...it was kind of their thing b4 she started going with me) and partly because he's been wanting to prove that he could do a whole workout too. I told him if he did well, he could start trading 1 night a week with Paige, which made him happy.

I forced my sorry butt to boot camp last night...I had been nauseous all day (no, I'm NOT pregnant) and had been fighting off a headache. Elmo tried to convince me to stay home with the line, "It would be nice to spend some time with you." Try as he may, Tracy was SUPPOSED to finally have the cards for the diet program that I ordered before I even started Boot Camp, and there was no way I wanted to wait until Monday to get them. I was secretly praying that we wouldn't have to run a lot, since I really was NOT feeling well. I was hoping that the night would be an "easier" night, but I should have known that those don't exist.

We walked/ran & stretched. To finish warming up, we had to skip to a line & backwards skip back 3 times...then side shuffle to the line & back 3 times...then do 30 fast feet, run to the line, 30 fast feet, run back.

I did, by the way, let Tracy know that I was sick and on the verge of vomiting, and she said OK. As we caught our breath, Tracy told us that the routine was called "Cowgirls & Indians." I knew the minute she showed up my prayers had not been heard, because she had with her the 8 pound medicine ball that we use for Indian runs.

We were going to Indian run for 3 minutes, and then do 2 exercises for 2 mins each, and then have a 1 min break. An Indian Run (in case you don't remember) is when everyone lines up in a single line and starts to run. The 1st person (while running) hands the person behind them the ball over their head. The 2nd person does it to the 3rd and so on, until the ball reaches the last person. The last person then has to sprint to the front of the line and the ball is passed down the line again and so on.

So this is how the night went:

3 min Indian run
2 min lunge with a twist (lunge, hold position, twist torso to one side, repeat with other side)
2 min dead fish
1 min break

3 min Indian run
2 min bird dog
2 min backwards lunge with a twist (backward lunge, hold position, right elbow to left knee, repeat on other side)
1 min break

3 min Indian run
2 min steps with elbow to knee tap
2 min push ups
1 min break

3 min Indian run
2 min knee taps
2 min stationary sumo walk
1 min break

We didn't do butts & abs yesterday, instead we continued with different exercises.

2 min one sided hip raise (per side)
1 min hip raise, both feet
1 min plank
1 min belly blasters
1 min 1/2 way pull throughs
1 min 1/2 way sit ups with 1 leg off the ground (each side)

Coleton did very well with the Indian runs...he really like them. He didn't really like the additional exercises...what is it about those that kids don't like? Anyway, he did very well and had fun. This morning he tried to get out of school saying that he was so sore he couldn't get dressed. He was rolling around on the floor crying. Sadly, mean Mom didn't have enough sympathy to let him stay home. If I had to go to work with an aching back, he had to go with sore legs.

Seriously, I was amazed that I made it through the routine without vomiting...even though I was too nauseous to eat dinner and I only drank about 6 oz of water during the night. That right there is proof that I wasn't myself. I usually drink at least 1/2 a liter. Tracey even told me I could sit out the last run, but I didn't...and I made it. I WILL NOT QUIT. I can do this.

In hindsight, I probably shouldn't have pushed myself to work out, but this is expensive and I really don't want to waste a single day. One of the ladies there, who is so NICE, said, "Maybe you'll sweat out the sickness and you won't get sick." Let's hope that's possible...at least I don't feel sick today...but I am NOT comfortable at all. I hope that I didn't hurt my back b/c I was too weak to hand the ball over my head properly during the runs.

I just want to go home and lay down all day.................

Day 20...week 7

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Last night went by so quickly I'm having a difficult time recalling what we did. After walk/run stretching we did the infamous 10 JJ/10 PU (really 55 of each) and then so 30 JJ, sprint to a line, 30 JJ, sprint back, 30 more JJ.

The routine for the night was called Circuits for Life. Basically, we would do 1 exercise for each body part (upper, core, abs, & lower) for 1 minute, but since Tracy thinks we're her MACHINE class, she upped the exercises to 2 mins each.

Cycle 1

prisoner squats
reg PU
hip raises
side shuffle
1 min break

Cycle 2

bicycle (fast then slow)
side crunch
fast feet
angel wings
1 min break

Cycle 3

wide PU
hip pulse
knee taps
1 min break

Cycle 3

arm circles
leg pulse (rt, then lft)
1 min break

Cycle 4

mountain climbers
1 sided leg lifts (each side 1 min)
side to side standing crunch
1 min break

There were a few more cycles, but really I can't remember what we did. There were a few new exercises that I can't remember either. My shin splints came back last night, and I was really fighting through the pain. When we were doing our JJ Tracy could see I was fighting it, and she said, "What's wrong?" I said, (between gasps for breath) "shin splints." She must not have understood me because she said, "I can see you're fighting through some pain, but talk to me, what is it?" and I said, "My shins". She let me do knee taps after that instead of the rest of the JJ. I hate shin splints. I know they came back b/c Heather just asked me about them and I told her they were gone. They just wanted to remind me that they are in control.


laying down toe touches
leg lifts
belly blasters
butt lifts

Paige made a remark that Jen is harder than Tracy. Now, since Boot Camp is Tracy's business, Tracy wanted to make sure that we all knew SHE was hardest. (Thanks Paige) She kept teasing us saying that b/c "someone" said that Tracy was easy, we were doubling our work time. Paige didn't like being teased, and actually got quite upset. Tracy was totally kidding, and so were all of the other girls saying, "Don't listen to the child" "Don't bring her anymore" and "Paige is you think it's so easy, I don't want to see you stop." However, you know Paige, my little drama queen...she got very upset, and even after everyone was telling her they were sorry and that they were just playing with her, she quit working out all together. She laid down on her mat and covered up with her towel, and then later went in the car claiming that she didn't feel well. When we were all done, she told me that she wasn't going to work out ever again...that everyone was mean. I talked to her and hopefully convinced her that everyone was totally kidding and not to take things so personally. If she wanted to hang out with older women, she was going to have to understand that they joke a lot to make working out more fun. We'll see what happens Thursday.

Day 19...Beginning of Week 7

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Forgive me for my tardy entry...I was having a troublesome time mustering the energy to dictate last night's routine. For some reason, I fear that this week is going to d-r-a-g by, and I'm already unmotivated. Not sure what that's all about...but I'd better snap out of it soon!

Last night was both exhausting, and liberating. For the first time EVER I was able to complete 2 laps without stopping...at all...twice. Not a small feat for me...in fact, I remember W-A-Y back on my first week I could barely finish 1 lap. How coincidental that this week's project is our GRATITUDE page...this is definitely an accomplishment worth noting and bragging about.

The routine didn't really have a name...other than CARDS. Tracy had a deck of cards, each of which had a different exercise on them. She would draw 3 cards. The first card was done for 1 minute, the 2nd card for 2 minutes, and the 3rd card for 3 minutes. After the 3 exercises, we had to run 2 laps. After a 1 minute break, we did it all over again...with new cards.

I will do my best to remember what we did:

Round ONE:

dead fish - 1 min
swimmer - 2 mins
bird dog - 3 mins (1.5 mins per side)

Round TWO:

mule kick - 1 min
ab crunches w/ legs bent @ 90° angle - 2 mins
hand to foot touches - 3 mins
Run 2 laps

Round THREE:

jumping jacks - 1 min
Squat jumps - 2 mins
Hip pulse - 3 mins
Run 2 laps

Round FOUR:

burpies - 1 min
extended sit ups (through legs) - 2 mins
push ups - 3 mins
(no time for another 2 laps...darn)


Fire hydrants
one sided leg lifts (both sides)
laying down toe touches
leg climbers

That's about it.

If you're wondering about Paige's performance last night, it was much better than the past few nights. Her friend wasn't there...which may have had (most likely was) something to do with her perseverance.

Again...I apologize that I'm not more enthusiastic this entry...perhaps it has something to do with the fact that my sleep (for the past few nights anyway) has been sporadic thanks to a certain little 2 year old...whom we shall refer to as Goldilocks.


Day 18...End of week 6

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Can you believe that I am already 1/2 way through my initial goal of 3 months? Of course, I plan on re-signing the second my 3 months expire, but, man...how time flies when you're...having fun? Somehow that just doesn't seem like the right saying.

Anyhow...Jen taught us last night because Tracy had to prepare for a weekend trip she's taking. Wednesday night, out of nowhere, my back muscles began to spasm. Yesterday morning I woke up with very sore muscles...that ached even as I breathed. I preyed that we weren't going to do a lot of running, since running + breathing = pain...I would rather not.

After we did our walk/run...I asked Jen if we were doing a lot of running that night. She said, "Oh yeah...Cardio Mania baby!" C~R~A~P

Now, rather than bore you with all the details with this MARVELOUS work out again...please click HERE to refresh your memory.

In addition to everything that we did on day 3...Jen added:

25 burpies
skipping the park backwards
star jumps
skipping the park (facing forward)
3 sets of (40) good mornings PER SIDE...my poor back...

My back is SUPER painful today...not so much like I can't walk, but just muscularly sore.

Paige is slowly giving up on herself as she spends more time every night talking with her friend than actually working out. I can't blame her...it is a lot more fun than boot camp...but I constantly feel the need to remind her of our agreement. Paige would rather choose which of the exercises she does rather than attempt them all. For example, she was exhausting herself because she skipped all of the "down" exercises that allow your heart rate to slow down until the next cardio run, and would go right from one cardio run to the next. Although it's not good for her, I have to admit that I was rather impressed at her endurance. The downside of her doing that is that she would be so tired from running/skipping/shuffling laps that she would collapse on her mat for at least 10 minutes, which would ruin her rhythm. Anytime I tried to explain why the other exercises were so important, her attitude would rear it's ugly head and make me feel like a horrible mom in front of everyone...my little drama queen nearly in tears saying, "Why are you making me do that Mom?" I was quickly losing patience...especially because I was EXTREMELY tired, sweaty, hot and sore.

Once we were done with CARDIO MANIA, it was time for Butts & Abs.

Fire hydrants
1 min hip lifts (on back knees bent lift your butt off the ground, HOLD)
1 min hip pulses (hip lifts, but pulsing up & down)
1 min scissor kicks
alternating toe touches

When that was over, we stretched (my FAVORITE part of the night). Then we shared 5 of our personal favorite affirmations. Mine were:

  1. I have been given the perfect circumstances to make a permanent change in my life
  2. I am the kind of friend I would like to have
  3. I am human, and if I make a mistake I am able to forgive myself
  4. I love life & life loves me
  5. I let go of the past so I can move forward

Some of the affirmations that were shared that I liked were:
  1. I am a winner
  2. I am a survivor
  3. The only place where success comes before work is in the dictionary
  4. You are only as successful as you allow yourself to be
  5. Everyone slips. It's what you chose to do next that matters.
  6. I am the only one in control of my life
On another note...I have lost another 5 pounds...according to my scale!

Motivational Weightloss Poem

Published by Melanie under on 1:57 PM

When you've eaten too much and you can't write it down,
And you feel like the biggest failure in town.
When you want to give up just because you gave in,
And forgot about being healthy and thin.
So What! You went over your points a bit,
It's your next move that counts....So don't quit!

It's a moment of truth, it's an attitude change.
It's learning the skills to get back to your range.
It's telling yourself, "you've done great up till now
You can take on the challenge and beat it somehow."
It's part of your journey toward reaching your goal.
You're gonna make it, just stay in control.

To stumble and fall is not a disgrace,
If you summon the will to get back in the race.
But, often the strugglers, when losing their grip.
Just throw in the towel and continue to slip.
And learn too late when the damage is done,
That the race wasn't over and they still could have won.

Life-style change can be awkward and slow,
But facing each challenge will help you to grow.
Success is failure turned inside out,
The silver tint in the cloud of doubt.
When you 're pushing to the brink, just refuse to submit.
If you bite it, you write it. But Don't You Dare Quit!
~Author Unknown

Project Week 6

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List another 25 Positive Affirmations. Pick 5 of your favorite & post them throughout your house in places that you will see *and read* them every day.

Last month's list: (additions in PINK)
  1. I have the most beautiful, loving, kind, sensitive, and well-rounded kids in the world
  2. I have a husband who loves me for who I am, not what I look like, who would do anything for me.
  3. I am so fortunate to have a steady job, beautiful home, and family near-by.
  4. I have the most awesome sister in the world, who is also my best friend and an excellent Auntie to my kids.
  5. I have a great Mom who constantly tells me what a great mom I am and encourages me to be a better person.
  6. I am an excellent friend
  7. I am very creative
  8. I am a good writer
  9. I am an excellent story teller, caregiver, nurse, housekeeper, hugger, kisser, cuddler, disciplinary, chef, playmate, field trip organizer, encourager, confidant, protector, teacher and friend (aka MOM)
  10. I easily forgive
  11. I am a hard worker
  12. I am strong
  13. I have beautiful eyes
  14. I write beautiful poems
  15. I am emotional and compassionate
  16. I am an animal lover
  17. I am fortunate to be financially stable
  18. I have a family who loves and supports me
  19. I am smart
  20. I am organized
  21. I smile a lot
  22. I love watching my kids just being kids
  23. I love to read
  24. I appreciate the smaller things in life, like sunrises/sunsets, rain, nature at night
  25. I am very compassionate towards & concerned for others
  26. I am successful
  27. I attract positive-minded people to me; I draw all things positive to myself
  28. I am caring, smart, supportive, loyal and fun to be with
  29. I am sure of my ability to do what is necessary to improve my life
  30. If I make mistakes, I remember that I am human and I'm able to forgive myself
  31. I behave in ways that promote my health more every day
  32. I am highly motivated to exercise my body because I now find exercise fun
  33. I let go of the past so I can move forward
  34. I am provided with the perfect circumstances to make a permanent change in my life
  35. I always have more than I need
  36. Everything I do and everywhere I go, the outcome benefits me
  37. I love life, and life loves me
  38. I am here for a reason and I live my life with deliberate purpose
  39. I love myself and I am worth the effort
  40. My body is getting slimmer with every new hour
  41. My energy and vitality have increased 100%
  42. When I wake up in the morning, I am at peace with myself
  43. I am in control of which path I take
  44. I am the type of friend that I would like to have
  45. My daily fitness routine makes me feel healthy, strong, accomplished and proud
  46. I am a walking example of God's love
  47. My personality is radiant with success, beauty & happiness
  48. I have more than enough strength and vigor to accomplish my goals
  49. I have the courage, strength and will power to follow through on my dreams
  50. My personal experiences in life have made me the strong person I am today.

Day 17...week 6

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When we got to the park last night Paige was thrilled to see that her friend had also joined her mom for the night. I, on the other hand, knew that it was going to be very hard for my little social butterfly to push herself to work out when her friend was not. However, I was curious to see how devoted Paige really was, and didn't say anything to her.

After our walk/run stretch, we finished warming up with 1 JJ 1 PU, 2 JJ 2 PU...etc to 10.

Tracy told us that the night's routine was called "Super Sets."


lunges across the parking lot. When you got to the other side, you had to hold a lunge position until everyone was there (we could change sides when we were tired)

1 min mountain climbers (my hands have blood blisters this morning since we had to do them on the blacktop. Kind of dangerous since there are a lot of loose ricks!)

1 min side crunches


1 min break


1 min push ups

1 min burpies

1 min plank


1 min break

Set 3

Russian sit ups

1 min suicides

1 min angel wings


1 min break

Set 4

6 minutes Indian run (running single file, last one in line sprints to front)

1 min break

Set 5

1 min dips

1 min wide push ups

1 min knee taps


1 min break

Set 6 (we took turns choosing our torture)

1 min JJ
1 min fast feet
1 min knee taps
1 min lunges
1 min high knee skipping
1 min side shuffle
1 min rockys
1 min good mornings (per side)

1 min break


fire hydrants
1 min leg pulse per side
1 min leg kicks (per side)
1 min laying down toe touches
1 min plank

What was up with the planks last night? Geesh! I HATE them...we did 4 minutes of them!

Just to give you an idea of how tiring that night was...I usually drink about 1/2 a liter of water per practice. Last night I drank almost a liter. I stole the rest of Paige's water (since she "rested" a lot) and also accepted another lady's offering of an extra bottle she brought. I woke up at 1 am because I had to pee so bad! I was actually dreaming about finding a bathroom!

Anyway...when we were done, Tracy went over our weekly project assignment. It was to add another 25 affirmations to the list we had already started, and then to pick 5 affirmations to post throughout the house so that we would see them every day and read them aloud...reminding ourself to have positive thinking. I guess I better get started on that!

Oh, and if you're wondering how Paige did with her friend there...she did OK. She could see me looking at her when she was taking a "break" and would say, "Sorry (friend's name), my mom's getting mad. I need to work out." Now, if she were taking breaks because she needed them, by all means I would not have been getting upset. However, she was taking breaks...and a lot of them...so that she could listen to her friend's High School Musical 3 CD.

On the way home I told Paige that it was good of her to take breaks when she needed them, but not to baby herself. If she sat out most of the exercises she wasn't helping herself. She was very emotional, reassuring me that she was taking breaks because she was SOOOO TIRED, but I wasn't convinced. I just asked her to remember that she sees her friend every day at school and that it's distracting to the other ladies when they're talking. Boot camp is for exercising...not talking...and that I hope she remembered why she wanted to come.

I think she understands. My child the talker!

Day 16...week 6

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I am so incredibly proud of Paige.

I have been getting concerned with Paige's weight lately. I know that she has a lot of things working against her...her genetics in particular...and I want to make sure that I teach her proper eating & exercising habits NOW so that she has them when she'll need them in the future.

It's such a touchy subject...trying to teach good eating habits without making her feel like she's fat. She is already made fun of in school because she has a belly, and any time I try to casually steer her from a fatty snack to a healthy one, she says, "I know...I'm fat." I DO NOT want her to get a complex so young about her body or self-esteem. Luckily for me, there is an easy solution that will make her feel so great about herself...joining me every night for Boot Camp.

She's been begging to come with me, but until now I have elected NOT to let her come for a few reasons:
1. it runs past her current bed time
2. when I'm working out I'm so exhausted that I wouldn't be able to watch her
3. when I DID take her, she gave up so quickly

Elmo and I discussed it, and we agreed that ANY amount of physical exercise was better than none and worth far more than the extra 30 minutes of sleep she would be missing.

When I told Paige that we decided she could come every night (she's been begging to come) IF she PROMISED not to give up and to try her best. She agreed...and last night she did just that.

Paige started the night super charged...when we did our walk/run, she was 1st in the pack. Not wanting my daughter to show me up...I was right beside her. We finished 1st, and all the ladies were saying, "Whoa Mama! What got into you? You should bring your daughter more often!"

Having our self-esteem lifted, we stretched & then started the night's routine. The name?

Don't You Wish Your Girlfriend Was Hot Like Me?

.....I told you Tracy names these according to what ever song is on at the time!

Anyway...the night went as follows:

Skip for 30 seconds...skip backwards for 30 seconds.. repeat 3 times

Side shuffle 30 sec each side...repeat 3 times

30 JJ, run to line 30 JJ run back

1 min lunges, 1 min v push ups...repeat 3 times

1 min squat jumps, 1 min fast feet...repeat 3 times

1 min backward lunges, 1 min angel wings...repeat 2 times

1 min leap frogs, 1 min reg push ups...repeat 2 times

1 min jump turns, 1 min arm circles...repeat 2 times

1 min burpies, 1 min plank...repeat 2 times

1 min knee taps, 1 min spiderman lunges...repeat 2 times

Now, let me briefly explain what a SPIDERMAN lunge is...

first, get into a plank position
bring your right foot to your right hand...like you're scaling a wall (like spiderman)
bring your right foot back into plank position
bring your left foot to your left hand
bring your left foot back into plank position

Doesn't that sound like fun!! It's NOT. My inner thighs are sore!

Butts & Abs:

fire hydrants
leg lifts...1 min each side
laying down toe touches
big flutter kicks

Now, back to why I am SO INCREDIBLY PROUD OF PAIGE....she didn't quit at all last night. I could tell she was so tired, but she never gave up. She was such a trooper. I told her that she did amazing, and that I was so proud of her. She was glowing. She was so proud of herself and said, "I'm not going to stop at all tomorrow Mom." I told her that if she needed to stop to catch her breath there was nothing wrong with that. I don't want you to pass out or hurt yourself. I am very excited to see the impact this will have on her, as well as our relationship. This, for us both, is a bonding time, not strictly a workout. She feels so special that she's allowed to come.

This morning when Paige called me to let me know that they were at the bus stop, she said (in a super happy voice), "Bye Mom, I love you. And I'll see you when you get home and I'll be all ready for tonight's practice."

I am so thankful for the way things just seem to work out...how I am constantly reminded that God has a plan for us all. My life has completely changed by joining this boot camp, which I would NEVER have known about if I hadn't gone ONLINE (rather than to the actual office) to sign the kids up for their winter sports. Because of Boot Camp

I have a much higher self esteem
I am much more healthy than I was just a month ago
I am strengthening my bond with Paige
I am SO MUCH less stressed because I have ME time
I am losing weight
I have gained friends, of whom are so incredibly supportive and inspirational
I am so much happier

Honestly, who could ask for a better impact than that?

Day 15...end of week 5

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I am still waiting for these nights to get easier...or at least for me to be able to end without feeling like I am going to fall over & die. There are girls in the group who have been with Tracy for over a year, and they are so inspiring (and intimidating). They are (more often than not) far ahead of me, and though we are told "There is no competition here" I feel so discouraged at times. I think to myself (and I'm sure I'm wrong), "There's no way they're really doing all 120 Rocky's; that's why they're ahead" or "I'm doing the exercises properly, and that takes more time than their ways."

I asked them last night before we started, "How long did it take you before you were able to do all 120 Rocky's without stopping?" They said that they STILL DIE when they're doing them, but that their endurance (and inner competitiveness) is stronger and it allows them to push them out. Then they told me something I wasn't expecting, and it made me glow...they said "I don't even know why you're questioning your performance; you're doing so amazing. My first month I couldn't finish a single routine, and you have finished every single one." It was nice to hear some reassurance & know that even though I wasn't able to keep up with the veterans yet, I was still holding my own.

Wednesday I was so sore from Tuesday's workout. I felt like an old lady every time I tried to stand up and walk. My legs (mainly my thighs) were so stiff. Based on my experience with Boot Camp, I knew that doing exercise when you're sore is just what the Dr. ordered, so I dragged myself to the Elliptical and pushed out 20 minutes (250 calories). I was exhausted, but stretched out enough that I wasn't sore anymore. I cleaned up and headed directly for bed...my soft, fluffy, warm inviting piece of Heaven.

Thursday morning I woke up and didn't have even an inkling of pain anywhere. It was the first time in a long time that I work up without moaning from the aching in some part of my body. I felt great...knowing that my recovery time was finally decreasing.

For our routine that night we did what Tracy called "Playing Fitness." It was supposedly derived from football...according to Tracy, but even now I don't see the relation.

After we walked/ran/stretched/1JJ, 1 PU, 2 JJ, 2 PU etc...to 10, we were given the instructions for our routine.

Tracy set up cones in the parking lot (8 on 1 side, 9 on the other). We were to start at one cone on one side with a given exercise, run across the lot to the adjacent cone, do another exercise there, and run back to the other side...repeating until we reached the BIG cone. Once we reached the goal (cone) we had to do another exercise back, and start all over with other exercises.

So, cycle 1:

Bottom side: 10 burpies (90 in total)
Top side: 10 Jumping Jacks (80 total)
Frankenstein walks back to start

Cycle 2:

Bottom side: 10 squat jumps (90 in total)
Top side: 10 good mornings each side (160 total) My hands are skinned from these!
Lunges back to start

Cycle 3:

Bottom side: 10 Squat Jump turns (90 total)
Top side: 20 foot shuffle (hands on ground alternate feet up & down) (160 total) My hands are skinned from these too.
Side shimmy back to start

Cycle 4:

Bottom side: 10 Side Crunches (90 in total)
Top side: 40 angel wings (320 total)
Skip back to start

Butts & Abs:
Fire Hydrants
Track position (like racers at the track) moving 1 leg back & front for a minute...both sides. This KILLED KILLED KILLED!!! Did I mention that killed? What PAIN!
Laying down toe touches

At the end of the nigh we had to share one of our goals. I shared that one of my financial goals was to start savings accounts for the kids, with semi-monthly deposits drawn from my checks.

The newest girl is so sweet, and is getting so discouraged. Every night we try to reassure her that she is doing great, but she feels like she isn't. She's very competitive, so when she see that we are all ahead of where she is, she gets down on herself. (kind of like me, but she's worse) She is so concerned with the length of time it will take for her to see results. Despite everyone telling her that she will be amazed after only the first month, she isn't convinced. I hope that she is able to push herself a little more and longer so that she will be able to get stronger and stick with the camp. It truly is the hardest thing I have ever done in my life...and I know that if it weren't for all of the girls in the group reassuring me and my progress it would be so easy for me to stop coming. Every single night is hard for me...every single night I feel like crying from mental & physical fatigue, but just when I need it, someone will say, "You're doing great" or "Awesome job Melanie" or some other word of encouragement. At the end of each night, I am soaked with sweat, exhausted, hot and sore, but I feel like a million bucks....with legs of Jello!

Day 14...Week 5

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I am SO INCREDIBLY SORE today! Last night (in conjunction with Monday's workout) was so fast paced and exhausting. I am very thankful to have a day off.

After our normal warm up, we finished with the JJ/PU routine (1:1...to 10:10).

Tracy told us that the name for the night's routine was "4 corners."

Each "cycle" consisted of doing a given exercise at each corner, running to the next corner and doing 3 sets of 40 step ups at the BLUE area.

Cycle 1:

10 Burpies

10 Burpies
10 Burpies
3 * 40 Rockys

10 Burpies

Cycle 2:
15 Ground Jump Squats

15 Ground Jump Squats
15 Ground Jump Squats
3 * 40 Rockys

15 Ground Jump Squats

Cycle 3:
20 JJ

20 JJ
20 JJ
3 * 40 Rockys

20 JJ

Cycle 4:
20 Angel Wings

20 Angel Wings
20 Angel Wings
3 * 40 Rockys

20 Angel Wings

Cycle 5:
15 standing sit ups

15 standing sit ups
15 standing sit ups
3 * 40 Rockys

15 standing sit ups

Cycle 6:
15 Side Crunches

15 Side Crunches
15 Side Crunches
3 * 40 Rockys

15 Side Crunches

So, in case you were wondering...
that's a total of:

55 Push-ups
135 JJ
40 Burpies
60 Ground Jump Squats
80 Angel Wings
60 standing sit ups
60 Side Crunches
720 stairs - UP & DOWN
and 6 miles (give or take)

And, as if that weren't enough...we still had to do butts & abs.

Fire hydrants
leg pulse (right & left)
leg lifts (on all 4's, knee bent foot flexed, reach for the sky) each side
laying down toe touches
leg ladders (climb leg touch toe)

No wonder I'm sore today!!!!! Geesh!

Week 5, Project - Goal Setting

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Our project for this week is Goal Setting again. We are to review our goals that we set last month, see if we met the goals with past deadlines, alter the deadlines if need be, and set at least 1 new goal per category.

My goals last month were:

Physical - Under 200 by Thanksgiving - Deadline has not passed. Still a goal
Financial - Save at least $500 a month - No luck with this goal yet. Still a goal.
Family - Dedicate 1 day a week as a family day (games, outings, events) - COMPLETED We have dedicated 1 weekend day as the FAMILY DAY and the kids get to pick from a baggie of a bunch of family activities.
Career - Couldn't think of one here....
Social - Make more time for me with friends - I am in the process of achieving this
Spiritual - Start reading/teaching biblical stories to the kids - I have not completed this (or even attempted to start) yet. Sill a goal.

My new goals for this month are:

Physical - By the end of this month, I want to complete the "bicycle exercise" for the whole minute, which will show me that I have increased my abdominal strength
Financial - I want to start savings accounts for the kids
Family - Less shouting and more talking
Career - still nothing
Social - I want to gain more self confidence so that I won't be embarrassed of my appearance when I go somewhere
Spiritual - I want to start nightly prayer again.

Start of Month 2

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Last night was the start of a new session. There was 1 additional girl who joined, who coincidentally has a daughter that is in the same class as Paige. Small world.

Anyway, the night started off as usual...walk / run / stretch

1 min JJ
1 min squat jumps
1 min fast feet
1 min prisoner squats

The routine was called "I want it all." I'm starting to think that Tracy names these routines based on what song she's listening to at the time! :0)

As the name might imply, the workout was targeted at working every muscle...Luckily we had a few days off, but I still did 40 minutes on the Elliptical and burnt 503 calories!

We started with Cardio, followed by core, then cardio, then legs, then cardio again.

1 min JJ
1 min burpies
1 min squat jumps
1 min fast feet

1 min planks
1 min ab blasters (plank ups)
1 min push ups
1 min angel wings

1 min JJ
1 min burpies
1 min squat jumps
1 min fast fee

1 min wide push ups
1 min angel wings
1 min side crunch (left)
1 min side crunch (right)
1 min bicycle

1 min JJ
1 min burpies
1 min squat jumps
1 min fast feet

1 min lunges
1 min backward lunges
1 min side lunges (left)
1 min side lunges (right)
1 min prisoner squats
(A lot more that I can't think of at the moment)

1 min JJ
1 min burpies
1 min squat jumps
1 min fast feet

Butts & Abs

Fire hydrants
toe touches (like situps but legs flat)
reach throughs (like sit ups, but you touch the ground in between your feet)
leg lifts (right)
leg lifts (left)
Alternating toe touches (legs in air, crunching while touching alternating toes)

I am sore this morning. I felt so bad for the new girl last night. She is thin, but said that she hadn't worked out in over a year. She was exhausted and was preoccupied with trying not to throw up. I told her that it was normal, and that she may feel better if she did throw up...I know I did on my first night!!

I think that Tracy makes the first night of each new session hardest so that those who are new know what they're getting into. Not that any other night is EASY (far from it) but I think that she pushes us harder & faster on the first nights of new sessions!

1 Month Measurements

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Last Month, my measurements were as follows:

Weight - 223
Neck - 13.25"
Bellybutton - 45.75"
3" below hips - 52.75"
R Thigh 6" above knee - 25.5"
L Thigh 6" above knee - 25.5"

Current Clothing sizes
Pants - 20
Shirt - 1X
Bra - 38C

This morning, I re-measured and am happy to report:

Weight - 220 - Lost 3 pounds
Neck - 13." - Lost .25"
Bellybutton - 44" - Lost 1.75"
3" below hips - 51.5" - Lost 1.25"
R Thigh 6" above knee - 23.5" - LOST 2"
L Thigh 6" above knee - 23.5" - LOST 2"


Inches lost: 7.25"
Pounds lost: 3 pounds

Whoooo Hooooooo!!

Day 12...end of 1st Month - GRADUATION

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I have officially completed 12 of the most difficult workouts in my entire 30 years of life. I feel so accomplished! Even though it's only been 4 weeks, I can definitely tell a difference in my body. Just this morning I was looking at myself in the mirror. I noticed that my arms are MUCH thinner and toned. I am losing that unsightly "jiggle" flap that everyone hates! My stomach is smaller, my legs are more toned and my endurance is 100 times what it was a month ago. I run the park, and though I'm still out of breath when I'm done, I recover SO MUCH faster. I'm able to do MOST of the exercises from start to finish...there are those few AB exercises that I still can't complete! I am so proud of myself, and consumed with an overwhelming sense of accomplishment.

Last night, Liz came with me. As you may (or may not) know, Liz is my tiny 5' 1" size 0 (not kidding) Mexican friend. She is a gym rat...and takes every class she can at the gym. She's amazing. Anyway, when I told her that I was in Boot Camp, she thought it would be something she'd like to try...imagine that. :0)

After the normal routine of walk/run/stretching, we completed our warm up with LADIES FITNESS BOOT CAMP Jumping Jacks, where basically you spell LADIES FITNESS BOOT CAMP while doing jumping jacks followed by 1 minute of fast feet. Repeat.

Tracy told us that the night's routine was called "It's Gettin' Hot in Here." A lot of the girls recognized the name, but I couldn't get a feel as to whether or not it was one they enjoyed.

Basically, the routine was 5 sets of 5 sequential exercises with 1 minute breaks in between each set. Since I was with Liz (and we were talking) I'm not sure I can remember everything we did, but I'll try:

knee taps

angel wings
push ups
Butt kicks
arm circles
angel wings

jump rope
push ups
squat touches
mountain climbers

Wide pushups
arm circles
angel wings

fast bicycle
slow bicycle
plank ups

Then, time for Butts & Abs

Fire hydrants
leg lift (right)
leg lift (left)
butt lift (right)
butt lift (left)
leg ups
1/2 sit ups with 1 leg bent & other leg 3" off ground (both sides)

Wow! I can't believe that I remembered all of that! It was a very tiring night, and since I brought a guest, Tracy thought it necessary to pick on us all night...I felt special...it's her way of showing she cares. I was the demonstrator for every exercise, which meant that I did more than anyone else (so what if it was only 3 or 4 more...it was MORE!) and Tracy kept standing over us so that we couldn't slack (not that we were). Usually if you're tired, you stop for a second or 2 and then continue...but not last night! Tracy was on us (me & Liz) like flies on crap (but with love :0), and constantly telling us we couldn't stop. I was (secretly) glad to see that the routine was even difficult for Liz to complete; It made me feel better about being able to complete it myself!

After we were done with the routine, it was graduation time. When we were called, we had to tell the "class" how we felt about boot camp, what we've noticed changed, what our additional workout was for the week, and if we had lost any inches.

I (lucky me) was first, and said that I absolutely loved going to LFBC because it gave me a huge sense of accomplishment and self esteem. I was so motivated now to push myself harder at everything just to keep up with the veterans, and by doing so I have increased my stamina and endurance and decreased my recovery time. (In other words, I can feel that I'm getting healthier) I told her that although I hadn't measured myself, I had lost 3 pounds (and she asked WHY ARE YOU GETTING ON A SCALE...I told her I was in a weight loss study, so she understood) and noticed a lot of things changing on my body. I also told her that I bought an Elliptical and that I did that for 30 minutes Wednesday, in addition to my walk on Sunday, for my additional workout homework. I was then presented with my first official LFBC dog tag...which I will proudly display on my key chain.

Here's to the first of many future dog tags, a better body, higher self esteem, and a happier ME.

I wish I had found this thing sooner!!


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