Week 10...Day 29

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What a tiring night! It's great to be back, but I think my body is trying to boycott the resumption of working out. It's definately aching today.

After our walk/run, we finished warming up with Tracey count (1 2 3 ONE 1 2 3 TWO...to TEN) jumping jack, 1/s JJ & mountain climbers. We did them each twice.

The night's routine was called "Double or Nothing."

It was done by using the cards that Tracey has...and as soon as I saw them I moaned. The rules of the game were that there were 5 colors of cards. Each person took turns guessing the color on the card. If they guessed right, there was a 20 second break and that card was skipped. If they were wrong, we had to do that exercise for 2 minutes rather than 1. There were 8 ladies last night & we each got 3 turns. We did a lot of exercises (there were only 4 skips), but I'll do my best to remember what they were:

bear crawl
snow angels
walk it outs
reverse snow angels
arm rotations
star jumpers
narrow push ups
the lizard
mountain climbers
good mornings
fast feet
hopping up
hopping on 1 foot

For butts & abs we did:
fire hydrants
sprinter (1 min per side)
over head toe touches
bike crunch
reverse bike crunch
leg climbers

I am sore...and exhausted...today, and am NOT ashamed to say that I am THANKFUL for the day off. However, don't think that I'll be catching up on any shows...we're finishing the waterfall tonight!

On another note...Paige was very positive and motivated last night...which was a COMPLETE 180° from the night before. She was driving me crazy, but hopefully my inspiration chat with her helped her realize that all things worth while usually come with HARD WORK and determination.


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