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Holy cow! I haven't posted in what seems like FOREVER!

We went to the mall on black Friday (yes, we're crazy) and while we were there I bought a new pair of shoes. I wore them in the mall (*HUGE* mistake) and by the time we got back to the car my heels were so damaged that today I still have bloody scabs. YIKES! Putting sneakers on was so painful that I seriously contemplated missing this week, but I really didn't want to do that. I worked through the pain, but when I got home my socks were stuck to my sores. I had to wet them to get the off!

Back on track, and I have a minute to catch up.

So, over the holiday, Jen was kind enough to offer us campees a free week of camp. Unfortunately, since I was up to my elbows in rock on Monday, I only attended Tuesday's work out. It was one based on circuits...3 exercises 3 mins each of a certain body section...core, arms, legs... It was a nice work out. I had planned on attending Thursday morning as well, however I was still baking pies & beans until noon, so I missed the 8:00 meet time.

Yesterday was the start of week 10...day 28. Boy, does it feel good to get back on track.

The night's routine was called "Nothin' but Net". Usually this routine is done on a tennis court, but since we're in a parking lot, parking lines serve as the net for all intents & purposes.

For 3 (or 6) mins we did an exercise to & from the net. That exercise was followed by 2 mins of 2 additional exercises. It was a high paced cardio night, which suited well after a holiday meant for eating! Tracey would intermittently shout "NET" during our 3 min drills, which meant that we had to reverse the direction we were going. For example, if we were running forward, when she yelled net, we had to run backwards. I personally think she was having a little too much fun with the "NET" command...sometimes we couldn't even get in a single step before she had us reversing directions again!

1st set:

3 mins: Run to the net (forward & backward)
2 mins upper good mornings
2 mins side crunch

3 mins front & backward skipping to the net
2 mins angel wings
2 mins squat jumps

6 mins front & backward lunges to the net
2 mins upper good mornings
2 mins side crunch

6 mins 5 burpies, run to net, 20 JJ, run back
2 mins upper good mornings
2 mins side crunch

It was tiring, but much needed. I have a lot to add about Paige, but no time...


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