Day 27...end of week 9

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The night's routine was called "Are you up for the challenge?" Jen was working us since Tracey had a conflict with her schedule. She told us that we had a choice between Cardio Mania & Challenge...hmmmmm....let me think!

We killed our legs Mon & Tues, so Thursday was all core/upper body...which was A OK with me.

After walk/run/stretch, we finished warming up with skipping, shuffling & jumping jacks.

The night went as follows: (4) sets of 2 exercises, 1 min each followed by a 1 minute break.

1st run:

Dips & tummy angels (snow angels, but on your tummy)

2nd run:

push ups & leg lifts

3rd run:

2 laps running

4th run:

overhead toe touches & bicycles

5th run:

6 1/2 MINUTES of arm circles, and various other movements.

6th run:

walk a lap

Is that it? There must have been more...but I can't remember them.

Anyway, follow up with butts & abs.

Fire hydrants
stir the pot
drawing a blank today........

Coleton didn't do ANYTHING last night but run the 2 laps. He quit too. Guess it's not so much fun for them after all!

Kind of not in the mood to type today...better entry next week...

Oh, by the way... you should be proud of me that even though there isn't TECHNICALLY any boot camp meetings next week, Jen had generously offered to have us join her on her workouts, same time & place on Monday & Tuesday. I'll be taking advantage of that so I don't feel guilty eating on Thanksgiving. It will allow me a few bites of pie!!


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