Beginning Measurements & Goals

Published by Melanie under on 11:22 AM
We are given weekly projects to motivate us through our endeavors. This week, our project is goal setting...

My goals:

Physical - Under 200 by Thanksgiving
Financial - Save at least $500 a month
Family - Dedicate 1 day a week as a family day (games, outings, events)
Career - Couldn't think of one here....
Social - Make more time for me with friends
Spiritual - Start reading/teaching biblical stories to the kids

We're not supposed to get on a scale...the scale is not our friend...but since I'm in the weightloss study, I'm weighed every month. We are focusing on inches lost.

My beginning measurements:

Weight - 223
Neck - 13.25"
Bellybutton - 45.75"
3" below hips - 52.75"
R Thigh 6" above knee - 25.5"
L Thigh 6" above knee - 25.5"

Current Clothing sizes
Pants - 20
Shirt - 1X
Bra - 38C


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