Day 3...End of week 1

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Well....I did it. I made it through another day completing the first of 12 weeks, and I have the aching muscles to prove it.

Tracy had a previous obligation last night, so we were trained by Jen, a former LFBC member. When I pulled up to the park & met Jen, I thought, "She's really nice. Maybe she won't work us so hard." What a foolish thought.

As always, we started with the speed walk then running 1/2 a mile. I actually was 3rd to finish this time, which encouraged me. Once we were done, we stretched. I knew immediately that I was going to have a difficult time because every muscle in my calves were already burning and all I did was run. I think every night is worse than the one before simply because my muscles ache from the start.

Jen told us that tonight's theme was "Cardio Mania". Super.

She told us to run the park again...another 1/2 mile. I only ran about 1/3 and speed walked the rest...trying not to cry from the pain in my shins. Once we were back we did the following:

180 Rocky's (off & on the curb)
Sprint, jog, sprint, jog the park (the park has a square sidewalk that = 1/2 mile - sprint one side, jog one side, sprint one side, jog one side)
60 mountain climbers
180 Rocky's
High skip the park
25 squat Jumps
180 Rocky's
Jog the park backwards (I didn't even know I had muscles in the front of my hips)
30 Burpies (Crouch down, feet out, feet back, jump up)
180 Rocky's
Side step the park (Holy Frickin Cow)
30 Jumping Jacks
180 Rocky's
Sprint Jog Sprint Jog
30 Some other hellish exercise...I forget what it's called.

The thing I like most about this group is that everyone works at their own pace; there is no competition. We were allowed to take 1 minute breaks when we needed them. I had to take a 2 minute break at one point to stretch out my calves after one of the runs. I was seriously in so much pain that it was all I could do to push forward and not cry. When we were doing our "around the park" exercises, I thought (more than once) about just sitting down and quitting until someone noticed I was missing. But, I didn't. Jen kept saying..."Take breaks, hydrate yourselves, but don't baby yourselves. Push Push Push!"

Jen brought her 8 year old daughter there who was actually a big motivator, for me anyway. She had a build-a-bear dressed in a cheer leading costume and would have it "high 5" us every time we finished the run or say "You're doing awesome" in her little bear's voice. My biggest motivation (or my "happy place" as we call it) is knowing how happy my weight loss will make the kids, Coleton especially. I know that I need to do this for me, but knowing how Coleton feels about my weight is heavy on my brain, and I don't want him to grow up wondering "Why do you have to be fat?"

Throughout the night I staggered from middle to last in my position of the group. I tried not to care, but I did. I was trying so hard to push through the pain...and finally (with about 20 minutes left) the pain subsided enough that I was able to move from last position to 2nd. I sprinted those last laps like nothing I've ever done...and actually jogged the other 2 laps. Jen was very enthusiastic as I turned the last corner.

Just when I thought I was done...Jen said that the last drill was the "Jumping Jacks (JJ), Push up (PU)" drill. I hate that one! 1 JJ, 1 PU...2 JJ 2 PU.....ect...until 3 people get to 10, then everyone can stop. I haven't ever been one of the 3 to finish all 10 (actually 55), BUT I WAS 2ND LAST NIGHT!!!!! Jen couldn't believe that "a newbie" was one of the closers...I was dead tired....but.....still not done. Time for Butts & Abs.

What we did doesn't matter. All I remember is my butt was on fire and Jen's daughter kept screaming..."20 Seconds! Anyone can do ANYTHING for 20 seconds!" Those last 20 seconds of every 2 minute drill are brutal. I usually enjoy (aka hate the least) the Abs section not only because I know we're almost done, but also because of the fact that we're laying on our backs in the middle of the park (killing ourselves), and I can focus on the stars. It brings peace to me and lets me concentrate on something other than how much pain I'm in. Thank heavens for that.

We closed with reviewing our "Homework" sharing 1 of the goals that we were supposed to have set at the beginning of the week. Newbies had to share 2. I disclosed my weight goal, which I was told, "We can do that no problem."

As I drove home, I was so relaxed and surprisingly happy. Although I was physically beat & fatigued, I was mentally stimulated and thrilled knowing that I had made it through the most difficult week (physically anyway) of my life. I smiled at every muscle ache and pain knowing that they were signs of fat burning and a necessary side effect on the journey to becoming the new "me."


Anonymous said... @ October 3, 2008 at 9:49 AM

I'm so very proud of you Mel! xxxooo Mom

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