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Over our 3 day "recovery", we were told to walk, jog or run at least a mile every day to ensure that we remained limber. I knew that this weekend was going to be a test for me, since I was physically exhausted and it is still 100° during the day. Would I have enough self-motivation to push myself to exercise on my own?

Friday success. I intended to go on a night walk/sprint around 7 after I put Jadyn to bed, however Elmo asked if I wanted to watch a movie that he rented....I am sad to say that I convinced myself that I needed the night to rest. Put the sneakers away....

Saturday morning I woke up feeling very guilty, so before I even made breakfast I put on my sneakers and workout clothes, ready to beat the heat with an early morning walk. Coleton wanted to come with me and I took Jadyn in her stroller as well. Moms jog with their kids all the time, right? We started off at a quick walk to warm up. Coleton made me chuckle inside when he said, "Mom, why are you walking so fast?" When we got to the end of the street, I told Coleton that we were going to run as fast as we could to the other crosswalk...ready, set, GO!!! So we pushing Jadyn who was laughing the whole way...until we reached the street. For some reason, my shins were already hurting again. We walked another 10 minutes or so, and then sprinted again for about a minute. By the time we got home, my shins were killing. Time to get some shoes that cost more than $20.

Sunday my shins were hurting still, so I didn't go for a walk. I thought that if I wanted to keep up with the ladies on Monday, I'd better not push it today. Instead of walking, Paige & I played the Wii Fit. That is a cool thing! I only played for an hour or so, but I could definitely feel a workout. That night I went out and bought new shoes, specifically made for running. I hope that they will support my foot more so that my calves and shins aren't in so much pain anymore. The lady that helped me last night said that the pain I was describing sounded like shin splints. Let's hope they dissipate quickly!

As for my diet this weekend, I did OK. We went to a movie on Friday (Lakeview Terrace... GREAT movie) and rather than eating the movie theater crap, I had 2 cheeseburgers from McDonald's. Not the healthiest I know, but better than their pizza & popcorn. For dinner we had burritos, I limited myself to 1 with only beans, FF sour cream, light cheese & lots of home made pico de gallo. YUMMM.

Saturday morning I had a yogurt with some egg whites & 1 slice of toast, a salad for lunch, and (oops) 1/2 of a baked chicken bacon & ranch sandwich (better than the pizza they ordered.) For a snack I had a weight watcher's ice cream (120 cals).

Sunday morning I made pancakes (limited to 2), for lunch I ate the rest of my sandwich, and for dinner I had home made Chicken Pad Thai. Dessert again was an ice cream.

Well, tonight is the 4th night. We'll see how I do after a weekend's rest!


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