Day 20...week 7

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Last night went by so quickly I'm having a difficult time recalling what we did. After walk/run stretching we did the infamous 10 JJ/10 PU (really 55 of each) and then so 30 JJ, sprint to a line, 30 JJ, sprint back, 30 more JJ.

The routine for the night was called Circuits for Life. Basically, we would do 1 exercise for each body part (upper, core, abs, & lower) for 1 minute, but since Tracy thinks we're her MACHINE class, she upped the exercises to 2 mins each.

Cycle 1

prisoner squats
reg PU
hip raises
side shuffle
1 min break

Cycle 2

bicycle (fast then slow)
side crunch
fast feet
angel wings
1 min break

Cycle 3

wide PU
hip pulse
knee taps
1 min break

Cycle 3

arm circles
leg pulse (rt, then lft)
1 min break

Cycle 4

mountain climbers
1 sided leg lifts (each side 1 min)
side to side standing crunch
1 min break

There were a few more cycles, but really I can't remember what we did. There were a few new exercises that I can't remember either. My shin splints came back last night, and I was really fighting through the pain. When we were doing our JJ Tracy could see I was fighting it, and she said, "What's wrong?" I said, (between gasps for breath) "shin splints." She must not have understood me because she said, "I can see you're fighting through some pain, but talk to me, what is it?" and I said, "My shins". She let me do knee taps after that instead of the rest of the JJ. I hate shin splints. I know they came back b/c Heather just asked me about them and I told her they were gone. They just wanted to remind me that they are in control.


laying down toe touches
leg lifts
belly blasters
butt lifts

Paige made a remark that Jen is harder than Tracy. Now, since Boot Camp is Tracy's business, Tracy wanted to make sure that we all knew SHE was hardest. (Thanks Paige) She kept teasing us saying that b/c "someone" said that Tracy was easy, we were doubling our work time. Paige didn't like being teased, and actually got quite upset. Tracy was totally kidding, and so were all of the other girls saying, "Don't listen to the child" "Don't bring her anymore" and "Paige is you think it's so easy, I don't want to see you stop." However, you know Paige, my little drama queen...she got very upset, and even after everyone was telling her they were sorry and that they were just playing with her, she quit working out all together. She laid down on her mat and covered up with her towel, and then later went in the car claiming that she didn't feel well. When we were all done, she told me that she wasn't going to work out ever again...that everyone was mean. I talked to her and hopefully convinced her that everyone was totally kidding and not to take things so personally. If she wanted to hang out with older women, she was going to have to understand that they joke a lot to make working out more fun. We'll see what happens Thursday.


Anonymous said... @ November 6, 2008 at 8:10 AM

That's too bad that Paige got upset, I do have to say she needs to lighten up a bit, but at the same time LEAVE MY NIECE ALONE!! I'm so sorry to hear I caused your shin splints to come back (:

Keep icing them and take Ibuprofen before exercise to help with the pain. You're doing a great job,keep it up sis!

Mom said... @ November 6, 2008 at 11:56 AM

I understand how the women were just kidding with Paige, but girls her age are quite sensitive and don't like it when they are kidded or made fun of. I think the women should have taken into consideration that she's a little girl and with all the mean comments kids have to put up with at school, she shouldn't have to hear it in that environment. I hope Paige can understand that the ladies didn't mean anything by their comments. Just being an over-protective Grandma!

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