Day 26...week 9

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It has been unseasonably warm lately. As soon as I get Jadyn from preschool and pull into the garage, she's already awaiting play time outside. After the melt down caused by the mean mom forcing the anxious toddler to go potty first, we journey outside and play until 5:00. I am taking FULL advantage of this absolutely BEAUTIFUL weather. Unfortunately, since our swing set (that is only 8 month old I might add) is limping along with only the swings intact, we have been forced to be more creative in our play time as we are surrounded by the concrete jungle. My solution, lots & lots of bike riding.

It's good for me, and Jadyn could sit on the back of that bike all day long feeling the wind in her hair (through her helmet of course, which FINALLY fits). The only downfall of that is that after 45-60 minutes of riding the bike...I still have to go to boot camp. Can you say TIRED LEGS?

Although by the time I needed to leave my thighs weren't hurting, my shins & calves certainly were from Monday's routine. Nevertheless, off I went...determined in my efforts to meet my goal weight.

Tracey told us, as we were waiting a few more minutes to start, that she had been running around all day trying to sell her 3Phase Diet Deck that I've been talking about. For anyone reading this who is NOT in one of Tracey's Boot Camps, please click HERE for a video or HERE for more information (go to 3Phase Diet Deck tab at top). I honestly wish her THE BEST of luck getting these cards "out there" so that others can follow the plan. It's visual, and best of all, EASY. Anyone who knows me can buy them from me...they're $30...I'll get them for you from Tracey.

Anyhow, after walk/run/stretch, we finished warning up with 3 reps of high skipping to a line, backwards skip back, 3 reps of side shuffle to the line & back, & 30 JJ, run to line, 30 JJ, run back.

When we were done, Tracey told us that the night's routine was F'ing (Filthy) Fifty (See HERE for in depth description)

Let's see if I can remember (in no particular order) the things we did (all in sets of 50)

Angel Arms
Walk it outs
Push ups
over head toe touches
jump turns

I'm sure there were more, but you get the picture! PAIN, PAIN & more PAIN!

Butts & Abs:

Fire hydrants
1 min leg lifts
1 sided leg pulse (a min per side)
over head toe touches
30 sec fast bicycle
30 sec slow bicycle
30 sec ab raises
30 sec ab pulses

I am surprisingly not sore today. It is an AWESOME day in my books. So far there are 3 things that have made it such:

1. I woke up not sore
2. I easily SLID on a pair of jeans that I couldn't even get up 4 weeks ago (gratitude journal)
3. A complete stranger paid for my drink this morning at Starbucks.

Ah is good!

Oh...on a side note....I haven't mentioned Paige lately....oops.

She did great on Monday...although skipping A LOT of reps (though she swears she did them all), she worked out the entire night. Last night, however, she didn't do anything...but lay on her mat. She said that she didn't want to do anything, and that she had "the sleepy bug". She also said that she isn't coming anymore. I'm not going to push her...I know soon enough she'll want to come again. It irritated me though that she was there doing NOTHING & Coleton wanted to go so badly that night. Paige wouldn't let him. Then again...he sits out a lot when he comes too. Kids! Even THEY don't know what they want!


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