Day 24 - End of week 8

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2 months ago, I made a promise to change my life for the better, and have never looked back. I absolutely LOVE boot camp and what it's done for me...physically, mentally and spiritually. I have gained self esteem, endurance, strength, friends, and a new sense of self worth.

During the nights of camp, I am so incredibly tired, yet I always find some sort of motivation to endure the pain a little longer (usually another 20 seconds) so that I don't feel failure. I am constantly pushed to my limits; at times I feel as thought I can't last another second or do one more (fill in the blank), yet the constant support from fellow campers won't allow me to give up. It is amazing to me that a simple word of encouragement or compliment can mean more to me than anything I've ever know.

Thursday's workout was horrible. It was painful, exhausting & nearly impossible. It was called "Wind Beneath My Wings: Partner Style."

We were assigned partners, basically the person that was standing next to us. (Un)Fortunately, Jen (you know, the substitute trainer) was standing next to me. Great...I didn't want to let her down...she's a machine and MUCH MUCH MUCH more fit than me. All of these thoughts came to mind and I didn't even know what we were doing yet!

The night went as follows: partner had to run 1/3 of the parking lot, do 20 prisoner squats, run back, run 2/3 of the parking lot, so 20 squat jumps, run back, run the whole parking lot, do 20 jump turns, run back, and then tag their partner. The partner would then do the same thing. 1st one back won. I was so out of breath, it wasn't even funny. I think it's getting a lot harder to breathe as the air gets colder!

2 min break partner had to sit squat against the wall with their hands in the air while their partner did lunges to a designated line in the parking lot & back. Once they reached the other side, they had to tag their partner on the wall, and they switched spots. This was repeated a total of 3 times. First group done won. By the 3rd time on the wall, I SWEAR to you, I was DYING. I was in so much pain...especially after doing the lunges.

2 min break

Racing...One partner had to do Spiderman Lunges while the other did Leap Frogs across the parking lot and back. Once they reached the other side, they switched with their partner. This was repeated 3 times. First group done won. Did I mention that today is SATURDAY and my shins STILL hurt?

2 min break

Sit-ups (partner counts while you do them, then switch). Jen did 45, I did 40...with her pushing me to reach was my "goal" before we started.

Leg person lays down & holds onto partners legs. Partner has laying down partner's legs in air and pushes them down any way they want. Laying down partner has to bring them back up before they hit the ground. Switch

Alternating 1 legged scissor kicks (partner holds leg not in use)

We didn't have time for butts & abs since it was a graduation night. It was defiantly an exhausting night...right up there with Cardio Mania...

Never the less, I am certain that I will be becoming a long-termer.


Mom said... @ November 17, 2008 at 7:14 AM

I think this bootcamp experience has brought out in you what you always had and didn't know you had. You continue to impress me and make me proud or you! I'm so happy that you decided to do this!!
I love you!!!

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