Day 23...week 8

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Having been re-motivated by the progress I saw in the picture I took Monday, I was ready to matter what the night had in store. I was still not 100%, but there was no way I was going to miss another night!

I was surprised to hear that there were only 4 ladies that were at Monday's workout; must have been something in the air!

Anyway, after our walk/run/stretch, we finished warming up with 2 sets of (40) JJ, (40) 1/2 JJ and (40) mountain climbers. Yikes!

Tracey told us to get hydrated and catch our breath...we were gunna need it because we were going to do one of her favorite oldies. Jen (the substitute trainer) said, "I'm going to scream if we're doing 'How do you get to the other side'." Apparently that routine was the 1st routine that Jen did when she started and it stuck in her head as THE most difficult routine that Tracey has. If Jen (who is AT MOST 110 pounds and SUPER FIT) thought a certain routine was the must be!

Sure enough, as we were walking to one side of the parking lot, Tracey said, "Tonight's routine is called.....How do you get to the other side!" Crap, crap & double crap!

The way it went was everyone would take turns drawing cards that had some sort of lower body or cardio exercise which we would have to do to get to the other side of the parking lot. Depending on what it was, we would either have to do it back too, or run back if Tracey knew our legs wouldn't make it. After 7 cards were drawn, we did 2 exercises on our mats, and then repeated.

Round 1:
Card 1 - Side squats (both ways)
Card 2 - Lateral Lunges (run back)
Card 3 - backward skipping (both ways)
Card 4 - Front lunges (run back)
Card 5 - backwards running (both ways)
Card 6 - Sumo Walk
Card 7 -Bear Crawl (this is now my most HATED exercise. You walk on your hands and feet)
2 mins angel arms
20 burpies
1 min break

Round 2: (the cards were replaced in the deck after each round)
Card 1 - Side Squats (run back)
Card 2 - Side Shuffle (both ways)
Card 3 - backwards skipping (both ways)
Card 4 - Lateral Lunges (run back)
Card 5 - backwards lunges (run back)
Card 6 - Frankenstein Walks (both ways)
Card 7 - Sumo Walk (run back)
2 mins angel arms
20 burpies

The night went by so fast, and before I knew it, it was time for BUTTS & ABS

Fire hydrants
1 legged scissor kick (each side)
over head toe touches
1 min plank
leg lifts (butt off ground)

Although I can completely understand how that routine on your FIRST night would be hell, it really wasn't that bad for me. Sure, my legs were jell-o and shaking, but that's not different from any other night. I think that the first night (no matter what it is) always sticks out as the worst...for example, my worst night was CARDIO MANIA, and I still believe that it is THE hardest routine I've done so far.

Paige did SO AWESOME last night. She didn't take any additional breaks and kicked some royal butt. She was so proud of herself, and so was I. I am already seeing a MAJOR improvement in her endurance, self esteem, drive, and determination. I even took some "before" pictures of her on Monday so that in a few months she'll be able to see the physical changes that are sure to follow.


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