Day 25...beginning Month 3

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What a night. It was brutal...and I can hardly walk today because my shins are in such distress. I am seriously considering meeting with a podiatrist to see if there are special insoles that I should have for my shoes...this is ridiculous. I shouldn't be in such pain just from (what usually causes them) jumping jacks!

After our walk/run/stretch, we finished warming up with 1 min each of JJ, 1/2 JJ, and mountain climbers. My shins were on "FIRE" as Jen would say. That the heck?!?! I'm really getting sick of that pain.

Anyway, last night was what Tracey called, "A modified version of the Stadium Run." Her morning group works out at a high school, so they have bleachers and a track to use, thus the "Stadium Run" routine that she's developed. We, however, only have a teacher's parking lot, so we do what we can to make them (the routines) similar...for example, instead of running the track (1/4 mile) we run the parking lot twice. Rather than running up & down the bleachers 3 times (40 steps) we do 3 sets of (40) steps (Rocky's) on & off the curb.

Last night, the routine went as follows:

Run 2 laps
(3) sets of 40 Rocky's
20 Burpies

Skip 2 laps
(3) sets of 40 Rocky's
40 ab tucks (leg extension) things

Run 2 laps backwards
(3) sets of 40 Rocky's
40 dips on the curb

Side Shuffle 2 laps
(3) sets of 40 Rocky's
40 push ups

Run 2 laps

Finish with the infamous BUTTS & ABS:

Fire Hydrants
1 min 1 legged scissor kick (each side)
1 min leg lifts (lift butt off ground)
1 min overhead tow touches
1 min pull throughs (like a sit up, but only 1/2 way up as you reach through your knees)

I can't decide yet if I'm excited for the 1 week break that we have next week or not. Jen has generously offered to meet on Thanksgiving morning for a "free" workout so we don't feel so bad as we eat; not sure if I'll attend, but I know I should.

I have not been doing very well on my "diet". Tracey asks me (everyone) every night how we're doing and I keep letting her down. I really need to devote myself to this thing...I've been slacking lately...and I know it. I have to keep reminding myself that if I've seen results already WITHOUT sticking to Tracey's plan...imagine what I'll see when I do!

I need to do it...I think I can...I know I can.....


Mom said... @ November 18, 2008 at 12:08 PM

I think you should definately go to a foot dr. to see what's up with all your pain. As far as the are my "LITTLE ENGINE THAT CAN"....just remember that!!

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