Day 21...end of week 7

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Oh my aching back! I seriously had to FORCE myself to go to work today. My back is in so much pain that driving, sitting, raising a cup to my lips...anything that uses a back muscle...hurts and makes me wince. I don't know if I slept wrong, or if it had something to do with last night's workout. It didn't hurt when I came home last night.

Coleton went with me last night...partly because Paige didn't want to (she wants to spend time with Elmo...watching was kind of their thing b4 she started going with me) and partly because he's been wanting to prove that he could do a whole workout too. I told him if he did well, he could start trading 1 night a week with Paige, which made him happy.

I forced my sorry butt to boot camp last night...I had been nauseous all day (no, I'm NOT pregnant) and had been fighting off a headache. Elmo tried to convince me to stay home with the line, "It would be nice to spend some time with you." Try as he may, Tracy was SUPPOSED to finally have the cards for the diet program that I ordered before I even started Boot Camp, and there was no way I wanted to wait until Monday to get them. I was secretly praying that we wouldn't have to run a lot, since I really was NOT feeling well. I was hoping that the night would be an "easier" night, but I should have known that those don't exist.

We walked/ran & stretched. To finish warming up, we had to skip to a line & backwards skip back 3 times...then side shuffle to the line & back 3 times...then do 30 fast feet, run to the line, 30 fast feet, run back.

I did, by the way, let Tracy know that I was sick and on the verge of vomiting, and she said OK. As we caught our breath, Tracy told us that the routine was called "Cowgirls & Indians." I knew the minute she showed up my prayers had not been heard, because she had with her the 8 pound medicine ball that we use for Indian runs.

We were going to Indian run for 3 minutes, and then do 2 exercises for 2 mins each, and then have a 1 min break. An Indian Run (in case you don't remember) is when everyone lines up in a single line and starts to run. The 1st person (while running) hands the person behind them the ball over their head. The 2nd person does it to the 3rd and so on, until the ball reaches the last person. The last person then has to sprint to the front of the line and the ball is passed down the line again and so on.

So this is how the night went:

3 min Indian run
2 min lunge with a twist (lunge, hold position, twist torso to one side, repeat with other side)
2 min dead fish
1 min break

3 min Indian run
2 min bird dog
2 min backwards lunge with a twist (backward lunge, hold position, right elbow to left knee, repeat on other side)
1 min break

3 min Indian run
2 min steps with elbow to knee tap
2 min push ups
1 min break

3 min Indian run
2 min knee taps
2 min stationary sumo walk
1 min break

We didn't do butts & abs yesterday, instead we continued with different exercises.

2 min one sided hip raise (per side)
1 min hip raise, both feet
1 min plank
1 min belly blasters
1 min 1/2 way pull throughs
1 min 1/2 way sit ups with 1 leg off the ground (each side)

Coleton did very well with the Indian runs...he really like them. He didn't really like the additional exercises...what is it about those that kids don't like? Anyway, he did very well and had fun. This morning he tried to get out of school saying that he was so sore he couldn't get dressed. He was rolling around on the floor crying. Sadly, mean Mom didn't have enough sympathy to let him stay home. If I had to go to work with an aching back, he had to go with sore legs.

Seriously, I was amazed that I made it through the routine without vomiting...even though I was too nauseous to eat dinner and I only drank about 6 oz of water during the night. That right there is proof that I wasn't myself. I usually drink at least 1/2 a liter. Tracey even told me I could sit out the last run, but I didn't...and I made it. I WILL NOT QUIT. I can do this.

In hindsight, I probably shouldn't have pushed myself to work out, but this is expensive and I really don't want to waste a single day. One of the ladies there, who is so NICE, said, "Maybe you'll sweat out the sickness and you won't get sick." Let's hope that's least I don't feel sick today...but I am NOT comfortable at all. I hope that I didn't hurt my back b/c I was too weak to hand the ball over my head properly during the runs.

I just want to go home and lay down all day.................


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