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Still chugging along....

I was very happy with myself last week, as I completed my deck of cards every single day and exercised every day except Sunday, and even that day was filled with 4 hours of walking.

We went to the Zoo on Sunday while Elmo & Coleton were at the Cardinal / Eagle's game *lucky ducks!*.

The Wildlife World Zoo just opened up an Aquarium...the first in Arizona. Having been SPOILED by the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago, I was DYING to see this new addition. The price was pretty steep, so I HAD intended on packing our lunches...both to save money and to limit my caloric intake...however with a toddler fighting a fever and a 9 year old not willing to help that day...I took the easy road & decided to buy lunch there.

The aquarium was nice...not NEARLY as cool as the Shedd, but I have yet to visit one that even compares. (If you haven't ever're missing out!)

After walking around for a few hours, the kids were whining that they were hungry, so off we went in search of food. In addition to the new aquarium, there is also a new aquarium restaurant. I knew I would be more likely to find a salad or some other semi-healthy choice there versus at the "Penguin Cafe", however one look at the menu prices made me lose my appetite.

The Penguin Cafe it is.

I am allowed 1 "free" meal a week...and since I hadn't used one time like the present. Though the nachos, pretzels and personal pizzas called my name, I decided to go for the more "adult" choice, although in hindsight it probably packed just as many (if not more) calories. I chose the BBQ sandwich. The funny thing is that the WHOLE time I was eating that sandwich, I hated myself. I hated that I was eating a BBQ drenched (probably accounted for my whole week's worth of condiment cards) beef sandwich between a WHITE bun. It was almost sac-religious.

Funny how my mind is now's great to know that I am now so self conscious and aware of what I'm eating.


Anonymous said... @ January 21, 2009 at 5:36 PM

Don't feel guilty sis, you did well all week and as long as you burn off what you eat you're all set!! I'm proud of you for endulging a bit, otherwise where is the fun in life???

Luv, SIS

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