One day closer

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I'm one day closer to meeting my goals.

I finished all of my cards yesterday...barely, but I did. I wanted to see how far the park really was, so I decided to mapquest it. To my shock and amazement, it is actually 3.76 miles away, so I really biked 7.5 miles, twice what I thought.

I had the following last night to complete my cards:

4 snacks - 24 mini rice cakes (counts as 2) & 2 Tbsp of peanut butter
4 waters
1 vitamin
3 proteins - 1 cup sloppy joes...minus the bun
2 condiments - in sloppy joes

Elmo rented Mirrors last night, and since the new video place only allows you to keep movies for 24 hours, we had to watch it last night. I'm one of those people who likes to munch on something while I get into a movie...I don't have to be eating the WHOLE time, just in the beginning. Since I still had 3 proteins, 2 vegetables and a dairy when we got home from cheer, I decided to down a V8 (counts as 2 veggies...cha ching), eat a yogurt and cut up 2 protein bars into little squares that I could munch on during the movie. I put them in the freezer while I got the kids ready for bed, and by the time I was done, I had a cold, crunchy chocolaty treat to eat. It was delicious!

So far today, I have managed to do just as well. I will have to make a stop at the store on the way home to get some more V8 and maybe some other protein snacks.

I have eaten:

Protein (4) - egg beaters this morning, chicken for lunch & a protein bar for snack (it was a big one)
Condiment (1) - bbq sauce
Carb (1) - corn tortilla & rice for lunch (lean cuisine)
Water (6)
Snack (1) - String cheese
Dairy (3) - a slice of cheese on eggs, yogurt & skim milk
Fruit (1) - applesauce

I have left:

snacks (3)
water (2)
fats (1)
Veggies (4)
Protein (3)
Condiment (1)
Vitamin (1)

I plan on having some turkey slices with avocado & rice cakes (snack) for dinner with a V8. I'll chug another V8 when I get home from boot camp, and will probably eat some cranberries & almonds at Coleton's practice. That should take up the rest of the cards.

On another note, I'm surprised to see how my eating habits are rubbing off on a certain husband of mine. Completely out of the blue he said to me, "Do you think you can make me something healthy for breakfast?" and he's switched from Mountain Dew to Coke Zero. That alone will probably make him lose 10 pounds...which makes me mad...since it only happens with men. He also told me that if I see him snacking to mention, "hey, you're snacking" because he is a HUGE snacker. It makes me proud to see him recognizing and supporting my efforts by trying to make the switch too. It's a lot easier to eat healthy when "unhealthy" foods are simply omitted from the house.

I also realized that I hadn't mentioned my BIG NEWS...

drum roll please.............

I am going to participate in the Annual IMS Marathon...although I'll only be doing the 1/2 marathon. It's 13.1 miles (full is 26) and I am stoked! Kim said that she would do it with me, and we estimate that if we start off run/walking (and end with trying to maintain a fast walk) we should be able to finish in about 4 hours...maybe 4 1/2. Elmo said that he'll meet me at the finish line (which is the Cardinal's Stadium) with the kids to take our picture as we cross and celebrate with us. How sweet!

Crazy? I know, but I'm still excited!


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