day 39...week 13...month 4

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It becama aparent after Tuesday's workout that it was necessary for me to invest in another pair (or two) of LONG pants to use while working out at night. The temperature, although not as cold as other states, can be quite frigid, and capris just aren't making the cut anymore.

I decided that since I will most likely only be wearing the pants a few time before the temperature rises again, so I went to the local Goodwill. I took a chance and bought 2 pair of XL pants rather than 1XL or 2XL, based solely on the fact that the other pants looked immense. As I rushed to get dressed in preparation for what the night had in store, I was thrilled to see that the pants fit...and were even baggy! I then decided to push my luck and try on the XL t-shirt that I got from the 5K...and it fit too! I can't even remember the last time I was able to fit into "regular" clothes, rather than the PLUS sizes.

I was already pretty tired when I got to bootcamp since I had been running around all day doing the kid's sports, but psyched knowing I was comfortably wearing XL clothes and that it was Thursday...boot camp's Friday.

We walked / ran, stretched & finished with 1 JJ 1 squat ladder to 10. Tracey told us that the night's routine was Weekend Warriors. She let us know that we would feel this workout for the entire weekend. Super duper!

We started off with upper body:

1 min PU
1 min dips
1 min angle arms
1 min wide PU
1 min standing good mornings
30 second break


sprint to the other side of the parking lot
30 fast feet
sprint back to the other side
30 fast feet
skip the parkinglot back & forth 4 times
30 fast feet
sprint to the other side of the parking lot
30 fast feet
sprint back to the other side

Lower body:

1 min lunges
1 min 1 sided step ups (each side)
1 min leg throws (hold someone's ankles while they throw your legs down every which direction)
1 min squats
30 second break

10 minutes steady jogging

I completed 5 laps during the 10 minute jog...which is saying a lot since 2...maybe 2 1/2...was my limit in weeks past.

Butts & abs...same old same old

We ended the night by sharing some of our goals/resolutions for 2009. only 3 of us shared, and the other 2 ladies who shared said that they wanted to organize by year the 100's of pictures laying in boxes, and also make time every week for scrapbooking/crafting. Both of their goals are things that I should add to my list as well. It's good to know that I'm not the only one with incomplete projects and unorganized messes that need attention!


Stuart Maughan said... @ January 13, 2009 at 11:54 PM

Can you imagine how it will feel to slip into a pair of Large pants. "Wow", sassy lady. We will stay with you till it happens. Check out Smilin Free. Leave as a note.

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