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It is said that the average man thinks about sex every 2 minutes.

Me? I think about FOOD. Is that normal?

Everywhere I look...there are temptations.

What to eat for lunch? I brought salad...everyone else is getting burgers.

What to have for snack? I have rice cakes or carrots...the kids are eating candy.

What to eat for dinner? I took out chicken, but I'm tired and would MUCH rather eat out.

It seems that no matter what my plans...no matter my location...I am forced to remind myself that I need to be eating more healthy. Make healthy choices. Eat better. Burn off more than you eat.

I absolutly HATE that food seems to be on my mind all day long. It's a constant thought, topic, and threat to me every day. Even if I'm not hungry, I catch myself looking for a snack.

Food has somehow become something that I do...out of boredom...out of routine...out of circumstance. It's a cycle that I am becoming more and more aware of each day as I strive to maintain sight of my goal. A cycle that I am fighting to break.

Willpower is my enemy...and to it I say bring it on. In addition to making smarter more healthy choices as to what passes my lips, I have become obsessed devoted to writing down EVERY SINGLE calorie I eat. There is a website I found that actually has everything edible listed...and detailed...so that you can track your caloric intake. On my first day of recording my meals, I was astounded to see that even though I was using Tracey's 3Phase Diet, I was still managing to eat over 2500 calories! Since then, I write a plan for my daily meals, enter them in, and adjust my intake as needed. My goal is to stay around 1500 cals, and by working out every day...I hope to see the pounds disappear.


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