Day 10...beginning of week 4

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Well here we are already at the last week of the first month. I can't believe it!

I was very close to "skipping" last night. I just got my monthly friend, and I was feeling quite less than perfect. I was very crampy and felt bloated, not to mention it was pretty chilly...but I went...and I made it through. I have to remember to keep pushing myself, or I'll never achieve my goal.

Last night I was pleasantly surprised to see that Jen was again our trainer for the night (I think she's a weeee bit easier...but not by much). We did our walk/run and then Jen told us that the night's routine was "No Butts About It." As you can gather from the name, we hammered our butts. The routine was a "work at your own pace" routine, which meant that everyone was on their own. It went as follows:

1 JJ, 1 PU, 2 JJ 2 PU...etc to 10

200 yards of lunges

skip the parking lot

3 sets of "good mornings", 20 on each side. (I thought Jen said 40 per side. Luckily I heard her tell someone after me "20 per side". I was already at 37!! My left butt/thigh was ON FIRE!!)

200 yards Sumo Walk

run the parking lot backwards

3 reps of 20 step ups per side

200 yards backward lunges

shuffle the parking lot

40 leg swings per side

3 reps of 20 "stranger kicks" per side (where your hands are on the curb & you use 1 leg to kick the "stranger's" shin then abdomen)

200 Yards Frankenstein Walk

Run the parking lot

3 reps of 20 step downs per side

200 yards side squat walks (legs apart, squat, walk sideways while squatting)

run parking lot

3 reps of 20 squat kicks per side (I only did 1 rep b/c we ran out of time)


As if we didn't do enough "butts"............

Fire hydrants
1 min leg pulse (on all 4's, 1 leg straight out moving slightly up & down) EACH SIDE
1 min leg ups (on all 4's, 1 leg bent at knee, moving leg up & down) EACH SIDE
1 min toe touches laying down (like sit-ups, but legs flat)
1 min toe touches (on back with legs in air, alternating hands to feet)

Let me tell you there are "No Butts About It,", my butt is KILLING today. Bending over to pick up anything..a pencil, Jadyn's dolly, a paper...feels SOOOO good. It's a great stretch!

Our homework for the week is to add an additional 30 minute workout into the week. I do that anyway...since I work out at least 2 of the 4 days we don't have boot camp. Coleton & I took the dogs for a nice long walk on Sunday, and so I thought that would count. Nope, we have to add a workout between Monday & Thursday, which only leaves Wednesday. I sold my treadmill on Friday because I want to get an Elliptical. They're much more intense and burn at least twice the calories that a treadmill does. I finally found a decent used Elliptical yesterday. I paid for it and Eddie will be helping me transport it to my house on Wednesday...just in time to get in that additional workout!


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