Day 12...end of 1st Month - GRADUATION

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I have officially completed 12 of the most difficult workouts in my entire 30 years of life. I feel so accomplished! Even though it's only been 4 weeks, I can definitely tell a difference in my body. Just this morning I was looking at myself in the mirror. I noticed that my arms are MUCH thinner and toned. I am losing that unsightly "jiggle" flap that everyone hates! My stomach is smaller, my legs are more toned and my endurance is 100 times what it was a month ago. I run the park, and though I'm still out of breath when I'm done, I recover SO MUCH faster. I'm able to do MOST of the exercises from start to finish...there are those few AB exercises that I still can't complete! I am so proud of myself, and consumed with an overwhelming sense of accomplishment.

Last night, Liz came with me. As you may (or may not) know, Liz is my tiny 5' 1" size 0 (not kidding) Mexican friend. She is a gym rat...and takes every class she can at the gym. She's amazing. Anyway, when I told her that I was in Boot Camp, she thought it would be something she'd like to try...imagine that. :0)

After the normal routine of walk/run/stretching, we completed our warm up with LADIES FITNESS BOOT CAMP Jumping Jacks, where basically you spell LADIES FITNESS BOOT CAMP while doing jumping jacks followed by 1 minute of fast feet. Repeat.

Tracy told us that the night's routine was called "It's Gettin' Hot in Here." A lot of the girls recognized the name, but I couldn't get a feel as to whether or not it was one they enjoyed.

Basically, the routine was 5 sets of 5 sequential exercises with 1 minute breaks in between each set. Since I was with Liz (and we were talking) I'm not sure I can remember everything we did, but I'll try:

knee taps

angel wings
push ups
Butt kicks
arm circles
angel wings

jump rope
push ups
squat touches
mountain climbers

Wide pushups
arm circles
angel wings

fast bicycle
slow bicycle
plank ups

Then, time for Butts & Abs

Fire hydrants
leg lift (right)
leg lift (left)
butt lift (right)
butt lift (left)
leg ups
1/2 sit ups with 1 leg bent & other leg 3" off ground (both sides)

Wow! I can't believe that I remembered all of that! It was a very tiring night, and since I brought a guest, Tracy thought it necessary to pick on us all night...I felt's her way of showing she cares. I was the demonstrator for every exercise, which meant that I did more than anyone else (so what if it was only 3 or 4 was MORE!) and Tracy kept standing over us so that we couldn't slack (not that we were). Usually if you're tired, you stop for a second or 2 and then continue...but not last night! Tracy was on us (me & Liz) like flies on crap (but with love :0), and constantly telling us we couldn't stop. I was (secretly) glad to see that the routine was even difficult for Liz to complete; It made me feel better about being able to complete it myself!

After we were done with the routine, it was graduation time. When we were called, we had to tell the "class" how we felt about boot camp, what we've noticed changed, what our additional workout was for the week, and if we had lost any inches.

I (lucky me) was first, and said that I absolutely loved going to LFBC because it gave me a huge sense of accomplishment and self esteem. I was so motivated now to push myself harder at everything just to keep up with the veterans, and by doing so I have increased my stamina and endurance and decreased my recovery time. (In other words, I can feel that I'm getting healthier) I told her that although I hadn't measured myself, I had lost 3 pounds (and she asked WHY ARE YOU GETTING ON A SCALE...I told her I was in a weight loss study, so she understood) and noticed a lot of things changing on my body. I also told her that I bought an Elliptical and that I did that for 30 minutes Wednesday, in addition to my walk on Sunday, for my additional workout homework. I was then presented with my first official LFBC dog tag...which I will proudly display on my key chain.

Here's to the first of many future dog tags, a better body, higher self esteem, and a happier ME.

I wish I had found this thing sooner!!


Mom said... @ October 17, 2008 at 8:57 AM

This experience has done great things for you. It's been such a positive outlet. I can't wait to see you! When you're all finished with boot camp and you get where you want to be, you can put all your dog tags in a shadow box and display them. You certainly should be proud of yourself!

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