Week 5, Project - Goal Setting

Published by Melanie under on 11:55 AM
Our project for this week is Goal Setting again. We are to review our goals that we set last month, see if we met the goals with past deadlines, alter the deadlines if need be, and set at least 1 new goal per category.

My goals last month were:

Physical - Under 200 by Thanksgiving - Deadline has not passed. Still a goal
Financial - Save at least $500 a month - No luck with this goal yet. Still a goal.
Family - Dedicate 1 day a week as a family day (games, outings, events) - COMPLETED We have dedicated 1 weekend day as the FAMILY DAY and the kids get to pick from a baggie of a bunch of family activities.
Career - Couldn't think of one here....
Social - Make more time for me with friends - I am in the process of achieving this
Spiritual - Start reading/teaching biblical stories to the kids - I have not completed this (or even attempted to start) yet. Sill a goal.

My new goals for this month are:

Physical - By the end of this month, I want to complete the "bicycle exercise" for the whole minute, which will show me that I have increased my abdominal strength
Financial - I want to start savings accounts for the kids
Family - Less shouting and more talking
Career - still nothing
Social - I want to gain more self confidence so that I won't be embarrassed of my appearance when I go somewhere
Spiritual - I want to start nightly prayer again.


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