Project Week 6

Published by Melanie under on 8:28 AM
List another 25 Positive Affirmations. Pick 5 of your favorite & post them throughout your house in places that you will see *and read* them every day.

Last month's list: (additions in PINK)
  1. I have the most beautiful, loving, kind, sensitive, and well-rounded kids in the world
  2. I have a husband who loves me for who I am, not what I look like, who would do anything for me.
  3. I am so fortunate to have a steady job, beautiful home, and family near-by.
  4. I have the most awesome sister in the world, who is also my best friend and an excellent Auntie to my kids.
  5. I have a great Mom who constantly tells me what a great mom I am and encourages me to be a better person.
  6. I am an excellent friend
  7. I am very creative
  8. I am a good writer
  9. I am an excellent story teller, caregiver, nurse, housekeeper, hugger, kisser, cuddler, disciplinary, chef, playmate, field trip organizer, encourager, confidant, protector, teacher and friend (aka MOM)
  10. I easily forgive
  11. I am a hard worker
  12. I am strong
  13. I have beautiful eyes
  14. I write beautiful poems
  15. I am emotional and compassionate
  16. I am an animal lover
  17. I am fortunate to be financially stable
  18. I have a family who loves and supports me
  19. I am smart
  20. I am organized
  21. I smile a lot
  22. I love watching my kids just being kids
  23. I love to read
  24. I appreciate the smaller things in life, like sunrises/sunsets, rain, nature at night
  25. I am very compassionate towards & concerned for others
  26. I am successful
  27. I attract positive-minded people to me; I draw all things positive to myself
  28. I am caring, smart, supportive, loyal and fun to be with
  29. I am sure of my ability to do what is necessary to improve my life
  30. If I make mistakes, I remember that I am human and I'm able to forgive myself
  31. I behave in ways that promote my health more every day
  32. I am highly motivated to exercise my body because I now find exercise fun
  33. I let go of the past so I can move forward
  34. I am provided with the perfect circumstances to make a permanent change in my life
  35. I always have more than I need
  36. Everything I do and everywhere I go, the outcome benefits me
  37. I love life, and life loves me
  38. I am here for a reason and I live my life with deliberate purpose
  39. I love myself and I am worth the effort
  40. My body is getting slimmer with every new hour
  41. My energy and vitality have increased 100%
  42. When I wake up in the morning, I am at peace with myself
  43. I am in control of which path I take
  44. I am the type of friend that I would like to have
  45. My daily fitness routine makes me feel healthy, strong, accomplished and proud
  46. I am a walking example of God's love
  47. My personality is radiant with success, beauty & happiness
  48. I have more than enough strength and vigor to accomplish my goals
  49. I have the courage, strength and will power to follow through on my dreams
  50. My personal experiences in life have made me the strong person I am today.


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