Day 9...End of week 3

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I made it another week!!

Kim was supposed to go with me last night, but sadly couldn't make it again. I was so bummed. It seemed to be a day of disappointment; first with Heather & then with Kim.

Each night of boot camp seems to be harder and harder than the last...both with leaving the house without Jadyn screaming and the fatigue that my muscles are forced to overcome in order to accomplish the night's routine. Last night, as soon as I got my socks out of the drawer, Jadyn knew what was happening. She clung to me like a newborn little monkey and screamed if I went more than 5 feet from her...even if I was just going to go to the bathroom. Elmo had to distract her in her room while I slipped down the stairs, and even as I was putting my shoes on I could hear her starting to cry. I am so thankful that Elmo is supporting me with this. He is amazing, and hasn't complained even once.

Last night as we began our walk/run warm-up, I noticed that my feet were once again on fire. I am really curious to know the cause of that so that I can prevent it, or at least comfort it. It is truly one of the most uncomfortable and painful things...I literally feel like my feet have flames on them.

Anyway, after we did our warm-up and stretching, Jen told us that the night's routine was called "Boxing Ladies". I took it as a good sign that no one moaned...and I was right. Though still difficult, it was one of the less painful and exhausting routines I've done so far. The night went as follows:

10 JJ
10 Half JJ (arms only go up to sides)
20 mountain climbers

1 min squat punches (squatting, you punch in front of you)
1 min squat punching bag (squatting you "punch" the hanging bag above)
1 min squat kicks LEFT SIDE
1 min squat kicks RIGHT SIDE

2 min break

shuffle the park (I HATE SHUFFLING!!!!)
1 min push ups
1 min fast sit ups w/ partner counting - My partner (we'll call her Amy) is about 125 - 130 pounds, very petit and sweet. She did the sit-ups first and did 33. I thought "that's about twice what I'll be able to do" since she is very fit and was going at a good speed. I DID 37! I was ecstatic!
1 min push ups, then lift alternating arms

2 min break

1 min leg side swings (left)
1 min leg side swings (right)
1 min fast sit ups w/ partner counting, but we had to beat 0ut score from the 1st time - I beat EVERYONE there and did 45 that time. "Amy" did 34. That's a total of 82 sit-ups in 2 minutes! I felt so good b/c everyone was cheering me on & amazed at how fast I was doing them.

3 mins Rocky's (step on & off the curb)
1 min squat punches

Sure I'm missing some exercises.......

2 min break

15 MINUTES of ladder run (everyone running in line, last person sprints to front etc...). We ended up running the park 5 times and walking 1. I was only able to run 2.5 laps in a row, then speed walked 1 (keeping pretty close to the rest) and then caught up and ran the last 1.5 laps. Then I walked the last with them.


Fire hydrants
toe touches laying down
leg climbers
up & overs
Something else that I'm forgetting....

At the end of the night we reviewed our weekly project, "Gratitude Journaling." A lot of people mentioned that their kids, co-worker &/or significant other noticed an improvement, that they noticed themselves an improvement in their stamina during boot camp, or that they had lost weight. I said that I was able to control myself now around food and that I have noticed I am (in particular my arms) more toned than I was 3 weeks ago. Next week I get to re-measure myself and see if I've lost any inches, and my weight loss study appointment is on Wednesday, so I'll be weighed as well. Wish me luck!

On a positive note...I am not sore AT ALL this morning. I really can't believe it. We did a lot of squatting and A LOT of ab work, and yet I'm not sore. Either I'm getting stronger or I didn't work very had last night. Seeing as how I was soaked with sweat and kicked butt in sit-ups, I believe it is the former statement!


Mom said... @ October 10, 2008 at 11:25 AM

Keep up the good work sweetie! You've always been strong; it brings back memories when you'd beat the boys in arm wrestling and they said "no fair, she cheated"
Love you~

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