Day 6...End of week 2

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I SWEAR...if I hear "IT'S SUPPOSED TO HURT" or "20 Seconds!! Anyone can do ANYTHING for 20 seconds" one more frickin time, someone's going to get hurt.

It bugs me when Tracy stands over us with her stopwatch encouraging us to continue for the last few seconds . I don't know why it irritates me, but it does. Would these drills be less of a challenge if Tracy did them with us? Certainly not, and I know that she works out on her own and there's NO WAY she could work out with all 3 of her classes throughout the day, but at least I wouldn't have to listen the constant, "How does it feel?" questions or lie and say things felt AWESOME as much. For some reason when I'm working out (aka killing myself) my thoughts turn from pleasant to down right ugly toward her. I hate that. Must be the heat.... She really is a nice person, and I really DO like her a lot. Just don't ask me when I'm working out! I know that these are just temporary thoughts envoked by PAIN...and I need to blame someone. I have no doubt that these thoughts will soon disappear as my body becomes stronger. In all honesty, Tracy is great, and I love what she's put together to give me (and others) this amazing oppertunity to show ourselves what we CAN accomplish when we're pushed hard enough, and (like it or not) I know it's what I need to succede. Keep it comin' Tracy! YES I CAN

Last night Jen was our trainer again, as Tracy's daughters had an event of their own to attend. I really like Jen too. She's peppy, very sweet, and pushes us like Tracy. When I'm at a point where I've reached my limit and continue to trudge through the pain, Tracy & Jen will try to encourage me to hold on for the last few seconds, and it always seems to work. Imagine that!

Anyway...onto last night.

Yada Yada Yada.....Walk, Run, Stretch...same old, same old.

Jen called the routine last night "CORE TO THE BONE." When I got there, she asked how I was feeling after Tuesday's routine. I told her that my thighs were killing, and so was my left shin. She said "You'll be feelin' worse tonight." I asked if we were working our legs, and she said yes. Great. Not only were my legs in pain, but I wasn't feeling well. I had some serious GI issues last night...but they seemed to dissipate as the night went on...thank heavens!!

I have to admit that although the night was VERY DIFFICULT and EXHAUSTING, it FLEW by.

Things to note for future posts...JJ = Jumping Jacks PU = Pushups

The routine went as follows:

A JJ /PU ladder...1 JJ, 1 PU, 2 JJ, 2 PU....etc. until 10

6 MINUTES of lunges. Yes, 6 minutes...that's not a typo. I seriously think she was trying to kill us. I took a 20 second break in between because my shin was ON FIRE. It burned SO BAD!! Push'll live...(that's what I kept telling myself).

2 mins of leg lifts
1 minute of plank
1 minute of butt ups, in plank position.

6 minutes of Sumo Walk. We were (though writhing in pain) laughing hysterically while we did this exercise. Imagine if you will...10 or so WOMEN (some fat like me) squatting as Sumo wrestlers do (Hands on thighs too) and "walking" HUGE steps while in that Sumo's do when they enter the ring. It was quite a sight to see.

2 mins of plank kicks...while in the plank position, you alternate bringing in your legs to your chest, so rather than only having your elbows and both set of toes for support, you only have your elbows and 1 set of toes for support.

2 mins of scissor kicks (on back alternating legs up & down)

2 mins of side kicks (same as scissor, but vertically side to side)

6 minutes of backwards lunges (those are a mind trick! It's like re-training your brain how to lunge!)

2 mins of Mule Kicks

2 mins of alternating arm/leg touch...on all 4's left elbow touching right knee, right elbow touching left knee.

2 mins side crunch (right side)
2 mins side crunch (left side)


We did a lot interesting things last night. They wer almost all let me try to remember...

Of course, we started with fire hydrants...

Reach throughs (on back, legs bent on ground shoulders off ground, reach your hands through your legs)
2 mins of leg lifts
left leg sky touch (like mule kick, but leg is @ 90° angle up and you touch the sky)
right leg sky touch

I don't know...I can't remember the rest. All I know is that my abs were (for lack of a better word) pooped and my butt was burning. Jen kept saying, "We're going to have tight butts for Thanksgiving!"

When we were done, it was time to share our homework, which you may remember was to write 25 affirmations of ourselves. We had to share 2. There were some that I really liked that others shared:

No matter if you think you can or you can't, you're right.

When you decide to make a change, a change will start to happen

I am a walking example of God's love

I now choose thoughts that nourish and support me in a loving and positive way

My body heals quickly & easily

My ultimate favorite affirmation (and the one I would like to close this post with) is:

I choose to live my life the way that makes me happy and I am free.


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