Day 15...end of week 5

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I am still waiting for these nights to get easier...or at least for me to be able to end without feeling like I am going to fall over & die. There are girls in the group who have been with Tracy for over a year, and they are so inspiring (and intimidating). They are (more often than not) far ahead of me, and though we are told "There is no competition here" I feel so discouraged at times. I think to myself (and I'm sure I'm wrong), "There's no way they're really doing all 120 Rocky's; that's why they're ahead" or "I'm doing the exercises properly, and that takes more time than their ways."

I asked them last night before we started, "How long did it take you before you were able to do all 120 Rocky's without stopping?" They said that they STILL DIE when they're doing them, but that their endurance (and inner competitiveness) is stronger and it allows them to push them out. Then they told me something I wasn't expecting, and it made me glow...they said "I don't even know why you're questioning your performance; you're doing so amazing. My first month I couldn't finish a single routine, and you have finished every single one." It was nice to hear some reassurance & know that even though I wasn't able to keep up with the veterans yet, I was still holding my own.

Wednesday I was so sore from Tuesday's workout. I felt like an old lady every time I tried to stand up and walk. My legs (mainly my thighs) were so stiff. Based on my experience with Boot Camp, I knew that doing exercise when you're sore is just what the Dr. ordered, so I dragged myself to the Elliptical and pushed out 20 minutes (250 calories). I was exhausted, but stretched out enough that I wasn't sore anymore. I cleaned up and headed directly for soft, fluffy, warm inviting piece of Heaven.

Thursday morning I woke up and didn't have even an inkling of pain anywhere. It was the first time in a long time that I work up without moaning from the aching in some part of my body. I felt great...knowing that my recovery time was finally decreasing.

For our routine that night we did what Tracy called "Playing Fitness." It was supposedly derived from football...according to Tracy, but even now I don't see the relation.

After we walked/ran/stretched/1JJ, 1 PU, 2 JJ, 2 PU 10, we were given the instructions for our routine.

Tracy set up cones in the parking lot (8 on 1 side, 9 on the other). We were to start at one cone on one side with a given exercise, run across the lot to the adjacent cone, do another exercise there, and run back to the other side...repeating until we reached the BIG cone. Once we reached the goal (cone) we had to do another exercise back, and start all over with other exercises.

So, cycle 1:

Bottom side: 10 burpies (90 in total)
Top side: 10 Jumping Jacks (80 total)
Frankenstein walks back to start

Cycle 2:

Bottom side: 10 squat jumps (90 in total)
Top side: 10 good mornings each side (160 total) My hands are skinned from these!
Lunges back to start

Cycle 3:

Bottom side: 10 Squat Jump turns (90 total)
Top side: 20 foot shuffle (hands on ground alternate feet up & down) (160 total) My hands are skinned from these too.
Side shimmy back to start

Cycle 4:

Bottom side: 10 Side Crunches (90 in total)
Top side: 40 angel wings (320 total)
Skip back to start

Butts & Abs:
Fire Hydrants
Track position (like racers at the track) moving 1 leg back & front for a minute...both sides. This KILLED KILLED KILLED!!! Did I mention that killed? What PAIN!
Laying down toe touches

At the end of the nigh we had to share one of our goals. I shared that one of my financial goals was to start savings accounts for the kids, with semi-monthly deposits drawn from my checks.

The newest girl is so sweet, and is getting so discouraged. Every night we try to reassure her that she is doing great, but she feels like she isn't. She's very competitive, so when she see that we are all ahead of where she is, she gets down on herself. (kind of like me, but she's worse) She is so concerned with the length of time it will take for her to see results. Despite everyone telling her that she will be amazed after only the first month, she isn't convinced. I hope that she is able to push herself a little more and longer so that she will be able to get stronger and stick with the camp. It truly is the hardest thing I have ever done in my life...and I know that if it weren't for all of the girls in the group reassuring me and my progress it would be so easy for me to stop coming. Every single night is hard for me...every single night I feel like crying from mental & physical fatigue, but just when I need it, someone will say, "You're doing great" or "Awesome job Melanie" or some other word of encouragement. At the end of each night, I am soaked with sweat, exhausted, hot and sore, but I feel like a million bucks....with legs of Jello!


Mom said... @ October 24, 2008 at 10:07 AM

Once again, you astound me Mel! Something that might help when you start to short change yourself is (since we're both Gemini's) I have 2 different personalities tugging at me. A "good one" and a "not so good one." If you just remind yourself that you want to be good and promote good; it's amazing how your mind-set changes. I've literally had huge things happen to me all because I chose to have my "good" angel prevail. Some days I look in the mirror and actually envision 2 little people; one on each shoulder. It's at that very moment that I choose my destiny for the day. I love you!

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