Day 17...week 6

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When we got to the park last night Paige was thrilled to see that her friend had also joined her mom for the night. I, on the other hand, knew that it was going to be very hard for my little social butterfly to push herself to work out when her friend was not. However, I was curious to see how devoted Paige really was, and didn't say anything to her.

After our walk/run stretch, we finished warming up with 1 JJ 1 PU, 2 JJ 2 PU...etc to 10.

Tracy told us that the night's routine was called "Super Sets."


lunges across the parking lot. When you got to the other side, you had to hold a lunge position until everyone was there (we could change sides when we were tired)

1 min mountain climbers (my hands have blood blisters this morning since we had to do them on the blacktop. Kind of dangerous since there are a lot of loose ricks!)

1 min side crunches


1 min break


1 min push ups

1 min burpies

1 min plank


1 min break

Set 3

Russian sit ups

1 min suicides

1 min angel wings


1 min break

Set 4

6 minutes Indian run (running single file, last one in line sprints to front)

1 min break

Set 5

1 min dips

1 min wide push ups

1 min knee taps


1 min break

Set 6 (we took turns choosing our torture)

1 min JJ
1 min fast feet
1 min knee taps
1 min lunges
1 min high knee skipping
1 min side shuffle
1 min rockys
1 min good mornings (per side)

1 min break


fire hydrants
1 min leg pulse per side
1 min leg kicks (per side)
1 min laying down toe touches
1 min plank

What was up with the planks last night? Geesh! I HATE them...we did 4 minutes of them!

Just to give you an idea of how tiring that night was...I usually drink about 1/2 a liter of water per practice. Last night I drank almost a liter. I stole the rest of Paige's water (since she "rested" a lot) and also accepted another lady's offering of an extra bottle she brought. I woke up at 1 am because I had to pee so bad! I was actually dreaming about finding a bathroom!

Anyway...when we were done, Tracy went over our weekly project assignment. It was to add another 25 affirmations to the list we had already started, and then to pick 5 affirmations to post throughout the house so that we would see them every day and read them aloud...reminding ourself to have positive thinking. I guess I better get started on that!

Oh, and if you're wondering how Paige did with her friend there...she did OK. She could see me looking at her when she was taking a "break" and would say, "Sorry (friend's name), my mom's getting mad. I need to work out." Now, if she were taking breaks because she needed them, by all means I would not have been getting upset. However, she was taking breaks...and a lot of that she could listen to her friend's High School Musical 3 CD.

On the way home I told Paige that it was good of her to take breaks when she needed them, but not to baby herself. If she sat out most of the exercises she wasn't helping herself. She was very emotional, reassuring me that she was taking breaks because she was SOOOO TIRED, but I wasn't convinced. I just asked her to remember that she sees her friend every day at school and that it's distracting to the other ladies when they're talking. Boot camp is for exercising...not talking...and that I hope she remembered why she wanted to come.

I think she understands. My child the talker!


Mom said... @ October 29, 2008 at 10:06 AM

I have been blessed with children who are far beyond their years.
I love you and I'm so proud that you're my daughter. My grandchildren couldn't possibly been blessed with a better mother than you.

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