Day 8...week 2

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First, I'd like to invite you to view my other blog, which you may find a little more interesting. I have decided to create a blog that talks about my life with the kids & Elmo; daily happenings, recent events, and just plain ol' updates. It will include pictures of the kids that I don't normally share, so take a look and visit often. I will be attempting to add posts every day.

Anywho.....back to my "normal" topic...BOOT CAMP

I took Paige with me last night as Kim was unable to attend. I hope she's able to make it Thursday! We started the night off....this time again in the parking lot. I HATE IT!!! My knees do to, and have no problem reminding me with every step. The blacktop is a lot less forgiving than the grass!

Now, we walk/run the parking lot, which I swear is larger than the park...oh well...I can still do it. Stretch...did a few that felt really good on my hamstrings!

Tracy (who was wearing a jacket because "Remember, I don't work out" she was chilly) told us that the routine was called Day - O - Circuits. I hate circuits. They are tiring, boring and tiring. (Did I already mention that??)

I am drawing a complete blank here....what did we do?

1 minutes of JJ
1 min Burpies
1 min squats
1 min squat jumps
1 min knee taps


2 minute break

(did I mention that my legs were still killing from Monday's routine? WHY THE HECK WERE WE WORKING OUR FRICKING LEGS AGAIN???

1 min standing lunge (rt side)
1 min standing lunge (lft side)
1 min push ups
1 min angel wings
1 min lunges
1 min chibattas (about 6" away from a bench, squatting until your butt hits the bench, stand up)


1 min arm circles (clockwise)
1 min arm circles (counter clockwise) DYING AGAIN
1 min wide arm push ups
1 min squat touches (squat & touch the ground, stand up fast)
1 min step-ups (on curb) right leg only
1 min step-ups (on curb) left leg only


I think (I'm sure) I'm missing some, but you get the idea. Another hard night...another hard routine...another night of sweating my butt off (literally, I hope!).


Fire Hydrants
Dead Fish
V ups
Toe Touches (laying down) - THIS IS MY FAVORITE THING WE DO~!
on all 4's, then lift rt hand, lft foot - HOLD for a minute, then move arm & leg to meet at center, then out again for another minute.
REPEAT with other side
1 min Leg ups (flat on back, legs up in air, lift butt off ground)

Paige did better than I thought she would do. She gave it her best, (I wouldn't let her do some of the exercises (push ups, burpies) to protect her wrist), and she lasted about 15-20 minutes. I was very proud of her. She was very tired...and so she stopped & played with Jen's (our substitute trainer) daughter who was also there.

After we were done, we exchanged recipes or meal ideas since when you're watching what you eat, it can feel like you're limiting yourself to the same 3 meals a day. I got a few interesting ideas for new additions to salads and a few sandwich ideas, but mostly everyone's daily choices were what I'm eating already...smoothies & egg beaters for breakfast, salad / lean cuisine for lunch, grilled chicken w/veggies for dinner & snacking on fruit, yogurt, cheese & granola bars.

As I was showering this morning, (I have the (un)fortunate location of the shower in front of the mirror) I noticed that my stomach does look smaller. I was excited and hopped on the scale...but it read the same weight...bummer!

Muscle weighs more than fat.....Muscle weighs more than fat.....Muscle weighs more than fat.....


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