Day 11....week 4

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Ok, so last night was EXHAUSTING, but SO MUCH FUN!

We started with the usual...walking/running/stretching

Then to finish our warm up, we did 2 sets of 30 JJ, 30 half JJ, & 30 mountain climbers.

Tracy told us that she was going to loosen our butts that night because of the routine we did the night before. Everyone was sore!

The routine for the night:

Exercise Freeze Tag

Same rules as the game we all used to play on the playgrounds as kids, but rather than just walking or running around and "freezing" if tagged, we would be doing various exercises.

We did 3 rounds, each 15 minutes, split into 3 "mini rounds" of different exercises & new "it" person. If you were tagged, you had to do another exercise in one place until you were unfrozen by someone else. Confused?

Basically, for the first round:

5 minutes Frankenstein walk (who ever was "it" had to get you while doing the exercise too)
5 minutes knee taps (new "it" person)
5 minutes backwards skipping (new "it" person)

if you were tagged during that round, you had to do angel wings. By the end, people were letting themselves get tagged and begging others not to unfreeze them!

In between each round, we had to run 2 laps. My shin was KILLING, so I ran 1 lap and did knee taps while the others ran the last lap. Some girls only did knee taps.

The 2nd round went as follows:

5 minutes lunges (I was "it" for these)
5 minutes jumping jacks (try doing jumping jacks while moving all over!!!) (new "it" person)
5 minutes shuffle (new "it" person)

If you were tagged during that round, you had to do forward arm circles. By this time we were EXHAUSTED and our arms were killing from the jumping jacks!

Run 2 laps (I ran 1, did knee touches again)

The 3nd round went as follows:

5 minutes backwards leg extensions
5 minutes Sumo walk (new "it" person)
5 minutes something I can't remember (new "it" person)

If you were tagged during that round, you had to do backward arm circles.

Run 2 laps (I ran 1, did knee touches again)

Then, after we caught our breath for a minute, it was time for BUTTS & ABS:

Fire hydrants
leg ups (on all 4's, lift 1 leg (bent at knee) to sky) - Both sides
Hunting dogs (on all 4's, bring knee in to touch alternating elbow, then extend leg & arm, repeat) - Both sides
Leg Flutters (on back, legs up in air, alternate bringing 1 leg down almost touching ground, then back up)
Scissors (like flutters, but moving (crisscrossing) legs right to left while you move them up & down (works your abs))

All in all, it was an extremely tiring routine, but it went by so fast because it was fun. I can't believe that we were doing those exercises for 5 minutes at a time. I think 2-3 minutes was the longest ever, and even then we were dying.


Thursday is graduation. I'm so excited to get my measurements, take my BMI, and get my "I Survived Boot Camp" tee shirt & dog tags.

1 month least 2 to go. I'm seriously considering re-signing!


Anonymous said... @ October 16, 2008 at 7:51 AM

Congrats on your Graduation!!! YOU DID IT (not that I had ANY doubts) You should definitely resign, I can tell you get a great sense of self satisfaction out of it.


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