Day 18...End of week 6

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Can you believe that I am already 1/2 way through my initial goal of 3 months? Of course, I plan on re-signing the second my 3 months expire, but, time flies when you're...having fun? Somehow that just doesn't seem like the right saying.

Anyhow...Jen taught us last night because Tracy had to prepare for a weekend trip she's taking. Wednesday night, out of nowhere, my back muscles began to spasm. Yesterday morning I woke up with very sore muscles...that ached even as I breathed. I preyed that we weren't going to do a lot of running, since running + breathing = pain...I would rather not.

After we did our walk/run...I asked Jen if we were doing a lot of running that night. She said, "Oh yeah...Cardio Mania baby!" C~R~A~P

Now, rather than bore you with all the details with this MARVELOUS work out again...please click HERE to refresh your memory.

In addition to everything that we did on day 3...Jen added:

25 burpies
skipping the park backwards
star jumps
skipping the park (facing forward)
3 sets of (40) good mornings PER poor back...

My back is SUPER painful today...not so much like I can't walk, but just muscularly sore.

Paige is slowly giving up on herself as she spends more time every night talking with her friend than actually working out. I can't blame is a lot more fun than boot camp...but I constantly feel the need to remind her of our agreement. Paige would rather choose which of the exercises she does rather than attempt them all. For example, she was exhausting herself because she skipped all of the "down" exercises that allow your heart rate to slow down until the next cardio run, and would go right from one cardio run to the next. Although it's not good for her, I have to admit that I was rather impressed at her endurance. The downside of her doing that is that she would be so tired from running/skipping/shuffling laps that she would collapse on her mat for at least 10 minutes, which would ruin her rhythm. Anytime I tried to explain why the other exercises were so important, her attitude would rear it's ugly head and make me feel like a horrible mom in front of little drama queen nearly in tears saying, "Why are you making me do that Mom?" I was quickly losing patience...especially because I was EXTREMELY tired, sweaty, hot and sore.

Once we were done with CARDIO MANIA, it was time for Butts & Abs.

Fire hydrants
1 min hip lifts (on back knees bent lift your butt off the ground, HOLD)
1 min hip pulses (hip lifts, but pulsing up & down)
1 min scissor kicks
alternating toe touches

When that was over, we stretched (my FAVORITE part of the night). Then we shared 5 of our personal favorite affirmations. Mine were:

  1. I have been given the perfect circumstances to make a permanent change in my life
  2. I am the kind of friend I would like to have
  3. I am human, and if I make a mistake I am able to forgive myself
  4. I love life & life loves me
  5. I let go of the past so I can move forward

Some of the affirmations that were shared that I liked were:
  1. I am a winner
  2. I am a survivor
  3. The only place where success comes before work is in the dictionary
  4. You are only as successful as you allow yourself to be
  5. Everyone slips. It's what you chose to do next that matters.
  6. I am the only one in control of my life
On another note...I have lost another 5 pounds...according to my scale!


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